Collect Original Graphic Works by Salvador Dali in Our New Fall Sale

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Detail from "The Dishonest" (Les prevaricators; 1960). From "Divine Comedy—Inferno 22," Salvador Dalí.

Detail from “The Dishonest” (Les prevaricators; 1960). From “Divine Comedy—Inferno 22,” Salvador Dalí.

Salvador Dalí is one of the most famous artists of the 20th century. Now you have the opportunity to collect works from the internationally renowned Surrealist in our newest Fall Sale Collection.

For an extremely limited time, Park West Gallery is offering a series of graphic works by Dalí—24 engravings Dalí created to illustrate “The Divine Comedy” by Dante Alighieri.

“Park West is excited to offer original graphic works by Salvador Dalí, a collection we have actively acquired and archived during our 50-year history,” says Park West Gallery Director David Gorman. You can view the full collection here.

Dante’s epic poem follows the author’s journey through the various realms of the afterlife. The poem is split into three sections:  Hell (Inferno), Purgatory, and Heaven (Paradise).

Our limited-time sale offers eight trilogies of engravings taken from each of these sections, all showcasing Dalí’s legendary talent and unmatched artistic vision.

“The Market for collecting fine art works  has never been more active and the collector base more global,” says Gorman. “Never in history has there been more value placed on human creativity. Salvador Dalí is the right master at the right time, and Dalí collectors have been waiting a long time for this moment.”

This sale is a special three-week-only promotion, so Dalí fans need to act fast.

As an added bonus, every purchase of a “Divine Comedy” engraving, collectors will also receive a free copy of the book “Dalí—Illustrator.” Written by Dalí expert Eduard Fornés with a foreword by Daniel David, the director of Les Heures Claires, this book is the comprehensive history of Dalí’s illustrative works.

“The Divine Comedy” stands as one of Dalí’s greatest achievements in illustration. Between 1951 and 1960, Dalí created 100 watercolors bringing Dante’s famous poem to life.

The project was originally commissioned by the Italian government, but after the project was unexpectedly canceled, the acclaimed French publisher Les Heures Claires stepped in to release Dalí’s unique take on “The Divine Comedy.”

From 1960 to 1963, Dalí worked directly with Les Heures Claires, supervising and approving the creation of engravings based on his paintings. Dalí’s attention to detail was meticulous—he personally approved more than 3,000 woodblocks used for the engravings.

Graphic works from Dalí’s “Divine Comedy” are currently part of a traveling museum exhibition titled “Salvador Dalí: Stairway to Heaven.”

It will be at Louisiana’s Hilliard University Art Museum until January 2019 and will tour the United States through 2021. Exhibitions like these are shedding new light on Dalí’s illustrative career and often-overlooked publishing projects.

A guest takes in Dalí’s take on Dante's "Divine Comedy" at the Hilliard Art Museum's opening for “Salvador Dalí’s Stairway to Heaven.”

A guest takes in Dalí’s take on Dante’s “Divine Comedy” at the Hilliard Art Museum’s opening for “Salvador Dalí’s Stairway to Heaven.”

“Most people know Dalí for his Surrealist paintings,” said Albert Scaglione, Founder and CEO of Park West Gallery. “But he also did incredible work with engravings and illustrations. Seeing how his singular mind interpreted Dante’s vision of the afterlife is just incredible.”

If you’ve ever wanted to collect a work by a master like Dalí, now is the perfect time. For more information on the art of Salvador Dalí, contact our gallery consultants at (800) 521-9654 ext. 4 or at after hours.



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