Auctioneer Spotlight: Jason Betteridge

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Many of our Park West collectors develop friendships with the art teams over the course of their land or sea vacations.  Here’s a chance to get to know them better as they share their favorite adventures in the art world.
Jason Betteridge – originally from St. Mary’s, Ontario, Canada – was living in Los Angeles, California playing the drums professionally when he got a call from his agent to perform for two weeks on a cruise ship. He had never cruised before and, not knowing what to expect, reluctantly accepted the opportunity. The booking only required that he play two shows during the whole two weeks so he had ample free time and was drawn to the atmosphere of the art auctions. That was in 2002, shortly thereafter he began his career as an auctioneer. Fourteen years later, Jason is still auctioneering with Park West’s VIP program.

Betteridge two

Jason Betteridge began his early career as an drummer, but now is one of the esteemed VIP Park West auctioneers. Photo credit: Jason Betteridge

Previous ships as Auctioneer: Jason’s first ship as principal auctioneer was Royal Caribbean Majesty of the Seas and his last was the Carnival Conquest.

Current position: As a VIP Auctioneer, Jason can be found aboard one of the many Park West ships hosting a VIP cruise or enjoying the weekend at a VIP event on land.
What do you like most about being an auctioneer?
Jason: I live for the auctions! I enjoy working in a “theatre-style” sales position. Since I have spent a large portion of my life on stage, I appreciate the tradition of the auctioneer as an educator and entertainer.
What do you enjoy most about working with the VIP program?
Jason: The team members that I travel with have become my family. I have worked and travelled with the same core associates in the VIP team for the better part of a decade. My wife is part of the VIP program as well, even though she doesn’t travel with the team full time. We have had great experiences around the world. There has never been a boring day on the job.
Who is your favorite Park West artist and why?
Jason: This is a tough one. I have become very good friends with most of the artists that I have worked with. Most of the paintings we own have become an extension of the memories my wife and I have with those artists. They are all like family, so choosing a favorite would be impossible.

Betteridge one

Jason has had many remarkable and life-changing experiences with Park West Gallery including meeting his wife Laura. Photo credit: Jason Betteridge

What is your favorite Park West memory?
Jason: Over the years, I have met many great clients and have experienced some pretty amazing moments with them. We have had VIP events take us all over the world from the backyard of Cezanne’s home in Nice, France to Stonehenge. I have shared cocktails with our clients on a private island in the Canary Islands, enjoyed dinner theatres in Monte Carlo and rang the peace bell in Hiroshima. The concept of collecting art has really evolved into the “experience” of collecting through our VIP program and I am quite proud of that.
My favorite moment was roughly 12 years ago. I was an auctioneer on the Carnival Pride sailing out of Los Angeles. A young associate named Laura signed on to train with me and assist with the onboard auction program. Laura and I have now been married for 10 years and we have two beautiful daughters, Lexi and Isla.
What is your favorite port?
Jason: I have enjoyed Santorini for years. Anyone who has travelled to this Greek Island can surely attest to its beauty. My wife and I have enjoyed vacationing in Ko Samui, Thailand and Dubai, but lately, home has become a very welcomed port of call.

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  • paula trehey

    One of the nicest and best auctioneers I have had the pleasure of meeting.

    • Linda Daily

      Just got home from 4 fabulous days at the Ritz in Orlando with Park West VIP weekend…..Amazing to watch Jason….What a Pro and what a Gentleman in every sense of the word. Had the honor of meeting Matt Beyrer , Britto and Duaiv…….Learned so much . Thank you Jason and Park West. Linda and Joe Daily

  • Leland Woerner

    Have had the privilege to participate in several VIP Cruises with Jason and he is a Very Knowledgeable Top Notch Auctioneer. I have nothing but total respect for Jason and am proud to have met him and consider him a friend. Looking forward in seeing Jason and his team again. Keep up the great work you do to make all your VIP Events enjoyable to include your High Tea Events. You Rock Jason.

  • Diane Graham

    we had a great time with Jason when sailing in September from Hawaii to Australia

  • Carol & Andy Dolny

    Great article . Feel like we grew up with you in the art world since we met you that long ago when you first started. Amazing how our lives take a turn because not only did you find a niche but also Laura and two daughters to grow old with. Hoping to see you again soon !

  • Chuck Odders

    Jason, it was great to see pictures of you and Laura. It brought back memories both on shore and at sea. Best wishes to you both.

  • Laura Landtiser

    Met Jason and his wife Laura on a VIP cruise. very impressed with him and his wonderful team. Park West keep up the good work…love the art and the staff you have

  • Chris Flowers MD

    Jason Betteridge is a joy to be with as part of the VIP team. Along with Morris Shapiro, VIP events around the world are a great mix of fun, socializing and learning a great deal about art, it’s history and the artists themselves. Jason is a master of this, and his knowledge and passion for his job are evident on every cruise I have been on with him. Congratulations Jason.

  • Paul Honig

    They are all memorable. What does stand out is the visit to the Agam studio in Paris.

  • Richard Whitburn

    I met Jason and company at a VIP event inn Dallas in 2015 and he is an excellent Auctioneer and motivator. Hope to see him and his crew again

  • Elton Kleist

    We were on the Carnival Paradise the 28th of January this year and we were to go to cozumel but because of fog we lost a day so it was a cruise to nowhere! So for the first time in our life we went to the art auction thinking we needed to waste some time doing something on a ship with not much to do! We went the first auction day and bought a original etching or painting depending on how you look at it! We had such a good time we went the second day and bought a Michael Godard painting!! Everyone involved from the girl and her boyfriend from South Africa and the head auctioneer to the two other helpers were great! They knew how to have fun but also be very professional when they needed to be! But they were having fun with there job!! AND THAT MAKES PEOPLE HAVE FUN! And the main thing spend money!!☺!

  • Gordon Leak

    Beautiful picture with Laura. Hope all is going well with you.

  • Ty Fawley

    My wife Stacey and I have been to several VIP events in Dallas over the years. And although all your auctioneers are great, Jason is our favorite. We enjoy his knowledge of the art world, his fun low key approach, and how he has the ability to make its always feel welcome and important. Even when he is busy, he manages to take time to answer any question. Good man!

  • patsy bayne

    Jason is the best. You are lucky to have him. I hope he stays forever

  • Sue Taylor

    We have enjoyed getting to know Jason on two VIP cruises and are hoping to see him again on NCL’s Epic in April.

  • Brad Dibble

    I met Jason on one of our Vip cruises. He was a great auctioneer and a great person to interact with. Maybe being a fellow Canadian played a part, but I think everyone gets special treatment from him.

  • Lee

    I had the honor of meeting Jason at a VIP event in Dallas, Tx last year. You seldom get to meet people who have a true passion for what they do, but when you do it’s a magical moment.

    Jason took the time to not only educate me so I’d buy a painting or two, but he took the time to get to know me so he could recommend the right painting or two.

    I look forward to my next opportunity to spend time with him at a VIP event.

  • Michael Black

    Jason, great story! It’s a long time coming that they pay respect to one of the best auctioneer’s who started in into collecting may fine art piece on VIP trips. Thanks to your your lovely wife. Michael Black

  • Ward Forsberg

    I have had the pleasure of seeing Jason on numerous occasions and Auctions. He is not only and exceptional auctioneer but I would consider him a “Friend” in my Art World and I so hope to see him again during my Next VIP cruise.

  • Leonard Zajd

    My wife and I had the pleasure of one of his VIP auctions in Virginia. His professionalism, caring attitude, and overall knowledge was impressive. One of Park West’s “best” auctioneers

  • Victor Baker

    I’ve had the great privilege over the years to have been at many VIP events with Jason Betteridge as the Auctioneer. And its always, ALWAYS a great experience each and every time with him around. I love the energy and passion he puts into his profession. I have no doubt at all what he does is a lot of work, Hard Work, but from this clients view he sure makes it look like a lot of fun Fun FUN, and not at all a job, and this Park West client is very grateful for that.

    Thank you Jason, for all the Great and Wonderful memories over these years.

  • Michael Dymond

    Jason is an amazing person and auctioneer. We love working him!

  • Juanita R. Wells

    I enjoyed reading the interview with Jason, because he has been the head auctioneer at several of the VIP events we have attended(the last one in San Antonio, TX last Mar.) It was great that the picture of you and Laura was included. Say “Hi” to her from us. Love, Juanita & Wayne Wells

  • Kathy Peden

    Jason and his team are my favorite by far. The Best!

  • Susan Sakakihara

    I am at a VIP event in Half Moon Bay, CA. Jason is our host and auctioneer. He is so knowledgeable. His talks are fascinating and educational. And fun! We laugh and add to our art collections. I encourage everyone to take advantage of the VIP program.

  • Sally & Ken Steward

    We love Jason. Our favorite!

  • Shannon Linton

    Hi we met you on the Carnival cruise in November my husband and I both attended your auction and we both won a free piece of art we came in and we picked out the one with the boats on it we have still not received it I have called about it I was told it was going to be sent out to me but nothing’s happened our address has changed since we took the cruise and is now [omitted] are name is Gean and Shannon Linton if you get a chance could you call me about this at XXX XXX XXXX thank you and we look forward to seeing you all again in November

  • Anita Guyton

    Jason, I really enjoyed reading your story and meeting you and your family in Sarasota. Your presentation was wonderful. I would also like to thank you and Park West for your hospitality in Sarasota. We were happy to be able to be there and are so proud of Patrick and his work. Thanks again – wishing all of you continued success.
    Anita Guyton

  • Joe Herr

    Jason was our auctioneer at a VIP land event in Seattle. He was great, Loved it when he sat in on drums with the entertainers, “Dueling Pianos”

  • Michael Bergman

    Jason is super talented as an auctioneer, and his knowledge of the artists is second to none. The VIP team he works with are equally as awesome. The Half Moon Bay VIP event this past weekend was such an amazing time, and all because of Jason and the Park West team. Looking forward to the next even with Jason. Thank you!

  • Mike MAggiano

    We had the pleasure of meeting Jason at a VIP event last September in Virginia. HE did a fantastic job as the auctioneer. In fact he did such a good job my wife and I now have a piece of work hanging in our home by some artist named Pablo something or other… :o) Thanks Jason – we hope to meet you again.

  • Philip Archer

    I wen to a VIP Event at the Ritz Carlton in Half Moon Bay. I met Jason for the first time. I have to say that in the past 16 years of going to art auctions he is the best auctioneers I have ever met.

  • John & Gail Feeny

    Great story Jason. We totally enjoyed our time with you at the VIP Event aboard the Star Princess to South America.

  • Don and Elaine Livingston

    We have had the privilege of having Jason be the auctioneer on two occasions in VIP Land Auctions and very much enjoyed his style and presence. We count him as a friend and hope to see him again.

  • Judi Sparks

    We wanted to share how much we enjoyed our time in the Dallas VIP event this weekend. I know we are not the biggest spenders but we were honored to have the opportunity. Thanks for all you do!

  • Jodey

    Jason was the consummate host and auctioneer at the Ritz Carlton in Laguna Niguel this weekend! Thank you for doing what you do so well! Jodey (fellow Western alum)

  • Ralph John Miozzi

    RJ Attended the VIP event in Orlando in July 2019 with Jason at the Ritz Carleton. He is the best to say the least. He is a great talker, but most importantly, he is informative. He is a great story teller, as was Michael Goddard, one of the featured artist. He and his entire Orlando crew for this event did an excellent job moving things along.

  • Jason and Lori Tarbet

    My wife and I met Jason and his team at the VIP event in Dallas, TX in November 2019. While we enjoyed meeting and getting to know him ourselves a little bit, we were struck by the “drive bys” of so many local friends who stopped by who knew and appreciated Jason from past events through Park West. It was clear that, when he says he develops true relationships with collectors, it is not just talk.

    Additionally, he is clearly good at his job as we attended the event thinking we’d perhaps purchase one piece if anything but walked away having added a total of six amazing pieces to our collection. I highly recommend the VIP Events and Jason Betteridge.

  • Ralph John Miozzi

    I have just returned from a VIP event at the Breakers in Palm Beach and, again, have had the best auctioneer preside over the event, Jason Betteridge. I have attended a few of Jason’s events and he manages a lively crew, is an excellent “master of ceremonies” and delivers needed information in a short period of time. You will never feel “fatigued” when Jason presides. I would also like to mention Dave Gorman who also gave informative background information and who also auctioned at this event. I enjoyed watching Dave going from a “cerebral” “laid back” guy at his “talks” to a very energetic auctioneer. Jason and Dave complement each other well. And, the supporting members of the team were fun to work with and were knowledgeable.

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