Artist Birthdays October 21 – DOMENICHINO

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DOMENICHINO (October 21, 1581 – April 16, 1641)

  • Nationality: Italian
  • Field: Painting
  • Art Movement: Baroque, Classicism
  • ARTiFact: He was accused by rival, Giovanni Lanfranco, of stealing the idea for Last Communion of St. Jerome from an altarpiece crafted by Lanfranco’s teacher, Agostino Carracci. The resulting scandal caused Domenichino to leave Rome for Naples, where it is said he was poisoned to death by jealous rivals.
  • Artist Quote: “I work for myself alone and for the perfection of art.”
  • Notable Artwork (shown below): Last Communion of St. Jerome (detail), 1614. 

Domenichino. Last Communion of St. Jerome (detail), 1614.

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