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As a married couple, one of the many benefits of working as Art Auctioneers representing Park West Gallery on cruise ships is that we are able to work, travel and live together. Not many couples can say they love what they do, experience what we have experienced, and do all of these things together.

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Art auctioneers Daniel and Jaclyn DuPont.

We have been married for three years now and by working as Art Auctioneers representing Park West Gallery, we have had the opportunity to travel the world. We’ve visited over 100 countries during the past few years and the experiences we have gained through our travels are immeasurable.

Here are just some of our memorable moments: walking on the Great Wall of China, climbing the Pyramids in Egypt, going on a safari in Africa, exploring Moi on Easter Island, seeing an opera at the Sydney Opera House, visiting Petra (one of the new Wonders of the World), taking a gondola ride in Venice, watching the Pope give Mass at the Vatican, standing at the top of the Leaning Tower of Pisa, and dog sledding in Alaska.

Although our marriage may not emulate the married life of the average couple, we feel fortunate to have taken this opportunity during the early years of our marriage. Many of our friends tell us that they wish they were able to do what we have done, but what we find amusing is that we often look at their lives and aspire to have a home and family like them.

There are many moments when we would love to sit in front of a fireplace and watch a fresh snowfall out the window, or drive to the nearest movie theater to see the latest release, but our current reality is that the world is our home. Yes, one day you will find us on land with a permanent address but for now we aren’t ready to have a 9-5 with kids, bills and a mortgage.

Until we’re ready for that next chapter, we will continue to embrace the opportunity to work, travel and live together with the world as our home.

 —DANIEL & JACLYN DUPONT, Art Auctioneers

A Whole New World of Opportunity
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