The Smell of the Oil Paint, the Roar of the Crowd

An art auctioneer writes about his experience representing Park West Gallery aboard cruise ships.

Art Auctioneer Series: Married Life at Sea

The many benefits of working as Art Auctioneers representing Park West Gallery on cruise ships.

Need a New Career? Consider Becoming an Art Auctioneer!

The Park West Gallery Customer Reviews Blog is expanding to include some fantastic testimonials we receive from art auctioneers who want to share their positive experiences with anyone [...]

Collectors are Most Thankful for Park West Gallery Art Auction Staff

Thank you from Park West Gallery collectors.

Dear Park West Gallery…

Thank you from a Park West Gallery collector

Park West Gallery Art Expo 2008

To celebrate Park West's 40th anniversary, more than one-hundred fine art auctioneers, associates and trainees from Plymouth Auctioneering - providing services for Park West cruise ship art [...]

Cheers to Park West Gallery

Park West Gallery recently held a conference for over 100 Plymouth Auctioneering associates - providing services for Park West cruise ship art auctions at sea.