Pangborn, Dominic

Dominic Pangborn’s artwork is always changing and he’s fearless in his approach, which is never the same twice. Pangborn credits his unique childhood for the constant evolution in his creative life.He was born in Korea in 1952 – a product of the Korean War. He’s the son of an unknown American G.I. and a poor Korean villager who was left on her own in the devastated post-war country to raise Dominic and his two full-Korean siblings. Knowing that her mixed-race son would likely encounter prejudice and limited opportunity, she sent him to the United States where he was adopted by the Pangborn family of Jackson, Mich. He was 10 years old.Language and culture barriers at first were formidable for Dominic. ...


Thoughts Kept Silent

Thoughts Kept Silent 270004 Pangborn, Dominic Thoughts Kept Silent 2012 41''x 30 3/4'' Mixed media painting on canvas. Signed in pigment lower right. A unique work.

Arizona Desert

Arizona Desert 256391 Pangborn, Dominic Arizona Desert 2010 30'' x 40'' Mixed media painting with acrylic and oil varnish on board. Signed in pigment lower left. A unique work. From the collection of the artist.


Nude 239383 Pangborn, Dominic Nude 2008 24'' x 24'' Acrylic painting on wood. Signed in pigment lower right. A unique work. From the collection of the artist.

Sun's Glory

Sun's Glory 256394 Pangborn, Dominic Sun's Glory 2010 30'' x 40'' Mixed media painting with acrylic and oil varnish on board. Signed in pigment lower right. A unique work. From the collection of the artist.

Absolvere Triptych

Absolvere Triptych 243682 Pangborn Absolvere Triptych 2008 31 1/4" x 31 1/4" (panel); 31 1/4'' x 93 3/4'' (assembled) Original triptych oil painting on canvas. Signed lower right in pigment on each panel. A unique work. From the collection of the artist.

Abstract in Jazz

Abstract in Jazz 266280 Pangborn, Dominic Abstract in Jazz 2011 24'' x 24'' Acrylic painting on board. Signed in pigment lower left. A unique work. From the collection of the artist.


Annonymous 274595 Pangborn, Dominic Annonymous 2012 27 3/4'' x 20 7/8'' Acrylic painting with mixed media on canvas. Hand-signed in pigment lower right by the artist. A unique work.

Beating Heart

Beating Heart 257319 Pangborn, Dominic Beating Heart 2010 24'' x 18'' Acrylic painting on canvas. Signed in pigment lower left. A unique work. From the collection of the artist.

Chairman Mao in Red

Chairman Mao in Red 262260 Pangborn, Dominic Chairman Mao in Red 2011 9'' x 7'' Acrylic painting on canvas. Signed in pigment lower right. A unique work. From the collection of the artist.


Cherish Pangborn Dominic Cherish 2012 11 7/8" x 11 7/8" Acrylic painting on board. Signed in pigment lower right. A unique work.


Dominic Pangborn to Showcase Art at 2018 Winter Paralympics

Not long after enjoying the Olympics in his native country of South Korea, artist Dominic Pangborn received an unexpected phone call from 2018 Paralympics officials. “They had talked about doing an exhibition at the Olympics but there wasn’t time,” Pangborn says. “I get a call from Korea saying ‘Okay, it’s on, we need you here […]

Artist Dominic Pangborn Honors Blessed Solanus Casey in Detroit

Tens of thousands of people flocked to the Solanus Casey Center the weekend of November 18, and their religious experience became all the more powerful thanks to a striking portrait by artist Dominic Pangborn. An estimated 65,000 people—including Pangborn—attended the beatification ceremony for the late Blessed Solanus Casey at Detroit’s Ford Field on November 18. […]

Dominic Pangborn Selected to Honor Blessing of Father Solanus Casey

Art and religion have a long-standing history. Artist Dominic Pangborn will join that time-honored tradition by creating artwork of a beloved Detroit priest on his way to becoming a saint. Pangborn has been chosen by the St. Bonaventure Monastery and the Fr. Solanus Casey Center in Detroit to honor the blessing of Father Solanus Casey. […]

View Rare Dominic Pangborn Art During Gala Fundraiser

At the age of 10, Dominic Pangborn was adopted by a family in Jackson, Michigan. Now, 55 years later, the Jackson Art Network is honoring his artistic legacy with a museum in his hometown. The organization is holding the Pangborn Contemporary ArtExpo from August 24–26 in Jackson, Michigan to raise funds for the proposed Pangborn […]

Dominic Pangborn Juries Exhibition at MOCAD

Home is where the heart is, and in this case, home is where the art is. Park West Gallery artist Dominic Pangborn loaned his expertise to jury “HOME,” an exhibition held in his hometown of Detroit until May 11 at the Museum of Contemporary Art Detroit. The exhibition is comprised of artwork created by members […]

Dominic Pangborn Shows Students They Too Can Evolve

Dominic Pangborn is considered an evolutionary artist, constantly reinventing himself by exploring new styles and mediums to hone his talents. This philosophy of never giving up and working hard is what led Pangborn to succeed, and his recent visit to a Texas school district motivated students with this positive attitude. Pangborn spoke at a college and career […]

Dominic Pangborn speaks on how art affects humanity

As a child from Korea brought to the U.S., Dominic Pangborn used art as a way of communicating because he lacked confidence in his speaking abilities. In a twist of fate, Pangborn found himself on a stage in Korea telling this to an audience of several hundred dignitaries, government officials and artists from across the […]

Transcript of Dominic Pangborn’s Gwangju speech

Park West artist Dominic Pangborn had the honor of speaking at the 11th annual Gwangju Biennale and Gwangju International Art Fair on Aug. 24 in Gwangju, Korea. The theme of the event was “art for humanity movement.” As a special guest who represented artists from overseas, Pangborn gave a speech on how art can change […]

Dominic Pangborn special guest at international art festival

When art reaches out and touches someone, it can change their mood, thoughts and even their minds. Dominic Pangborn experiences this first-hand when interacting with his Park West collectors, and hopes to draw on these themes as a special guest attending the oldest contemporary art biennial in Asia. Pangborn has been invited to speak at […]

Dominic Pangborn fuses fashion and science for mental health research

Dominic Pangborn is known for his revolutionary approach to art with bold colors and patterns; now he is using this unique style to fund mental health research. Pangborn released a set of scarves and ties that feature human stem cell images. Each person who adds one to their wardrobe contributes to moving science and research forward. […]


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