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5 Facts You Didn’t Know About Marcel Mouly

Marcel Mouly (1918-2008) is considered one of the greatest modern artists, with his works included in 20 permanent museum collections around the world. Learn more about this modernist artist who survived wrongful imprisonment to study in the tradition of artistic giants and travel the world.   Mouly Was Imprisoned as a Spy in World War II Many know of Mouly being wrongly imprisoned during World War II, but few realize how significant it was in shaping his path as an artist. During a trip to Norm...

Mitsie’s Memories: A Tribute to Marcel Mouly

An exclusive article by Mitsie Scaglione.

A Personal Tribute to Marcel Mouly (1918-2008)

Excerpted from an essay by Park West Gallery's Director, Morris Shapiro

These 12 Works of Art Will Help You Beat the Summer Heat

Let’s face it, as much as we all yearned for warmer weather during this past winter and spring, this summer has been a hot one. If you feel as if Mother Nature is overcompensating for the frigid spring, you’re not alone. Several countries on at least four continents have hit all-time temperature records. All of this is to say that spending some time in the air-conditioned indoors might be advisable, which gives you the perfect opportunity to spend some quality time with art. If you’re looking fo...