30/30 with Marko Mavrovich

 In Marko Mavrovich

Marko Mavrovich talks about his art, inspiration and experiences on CEO Albert Scaglione’s blog.

Read 30 Minutes with Marko Mavrovich, and don’t miss the 30-second video clip where he talks about how some of his toughest critics help him keep it real.

Marko Mavrovich at home - Park West Gallery-71


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  • Leonard Zajd

    My wife and I met Mark at a Park West event. The man is awesome and paints with incredible ease. We have 3 of his artwork. A down to earth man who cares about everyone.

  • Shelly South

    Marco .. It’s me, your old friend Shelly Davis stopping by to say hello … beautiful paintings as always …. how is Santini do you ever hear from him? :))

  • Arno Schollmeyer

    I met Marco on a Cruise with Park West Gallery when I commissioned him to do a painting. He is an incredible painter. My wife and I had the opportunity to hang out with him on the cruise. Marco has a great sense of humor and is an awesome guy. Definitely one of my favorite artists!

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