A birthday celebration with Yaacov Agam

It was a happy 86th birthday for the Father of Kinetic Art, Yaacov Agam, on May 11 as he and classical harpist Chantal Thomas d’Hoste celebrated with Park West CEO Albert Scaglione and his wife [...]

Agamograph “Faith” presented to Pope Francis

Yaacov Agam shared with Park West Gallery this photograph of EL AL airline’s president, David Maimon, presenting Pope Francis with the Agamograph “Faith,” as reported by the San [...]

30/30 with Marko Mavrovich

Marko Mavrovich talks about his art, inspiration and experiences on CEO Albert Scaglione’s blog. Read 30 Minutes with Marko Mavrovich, and don’t miss the 30-second video clip where he [...]