Igor Medvedev: Poetry of an Artist

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Poetry written by artist Igor Medvedev

From The Serigraphs of Igor Medvedev. Published by Park West Gallery. 2002.

Golden Nets by Igor MedvedevMY BLISS

You ask me what is my bliss?
Conscious to be of what is –
God’s little miracles
I seek in nature in the cityscape
(while walking by at times completely unaware)
suddenly I see a synchronistic interplay,
when something looking rather ordinary is all aglow, alive and is extraordinary;
that is the magic moment I am looking for,
when form is brought to life with the spirit of the light –
I try to walk a narrow line between the
subject/form keep balance not to turn.
Through observation,
I try to integrate, objectivity, express –
the yearning for what has been,
that is my theme…

 Magenta Canopy by Igor MedvedevWHERE I HAVE BEEN…

Doors, windows, entrances,
I draw and paint for pleasure,
but also –
in some degree and measure,
because they represent a sign of the women;
not literally,
but as a numen;
a symbol of a receptacle,
container, holder, bin,
where I have been,
as larva, pupa, embryo;
and will return to other womb,
as grave,
to which I am foredoomed…


Beloved by Igor Medvedev


In shimmering, silvery splendor
my bride and beloved so slender,
awaits me to come and possess her
and gently, assuredly lead her
from barely felt innuendos
to heaving and throbbing crescendos
til both of us thoroughly spent
exhausted and tranquil we lay.

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