Park West Gallery in Fine Art Magazine, Spring 2009

Park West Gallery Celebrates 40 Years

Ruby – The 40th Anniversary Gemstone – Possesses an Eternal Inner Flame,
a Symbol That the Passion is Still Very Alive and Strong After Four Decades

By JAMIE ELLIN FORBES for Fine Art Magazine

Park West Gallery, Fine Art Magazine

Bottom row, from left: Simon Bull, Jay Lefkowitz, Mark Kanovich, Victor Spahn, David Najar, Alfred Gockel, Marko Mavrovich, and Dominic Pangborn. Middle row, from left: Wendy Schaffer, Anatole Krasnyansky, Holland Berkley, Albert Scaglione, Itzchak Tarkay, Morry Shapiro, Csaba Markus, Noah, and Toby Bluth. Top row, from left: Harrison Ellenshaw, Hua Chen, Peter Nixon, Alexander Chen, Kevin Miles, Yuval Wolfson, Jean-Claude Picot, Lisa Grubb, Nano Lopez, Fanch Ledan, Debra Tritico, James Coleman, Charles Lee, Yolanda Glenn, Marcus Glenn, Dick Duerrstein, Andrew Bone, Tom Murray, and Howard Behrens.

Albert Scaglione infused his enthusiasm as a collector, connoisseur, art lover, and accomplished businessman at the 40th year anniversary of Park West Gallery in an exciting three-day event this past summer in its hometown of Southfield, Michigan. A mixture of seasoned dealers, well known, accomplished artists, and collectors hailing from all over the globe attended the festivities, boosting the high-energy level of Park West Gallery’s festive event. A fever of excitement hung in the air as the opportunity to meet, greet, and mingle with all forty artists, film makers, book writers, publishers, and art specialists was present to those in attendance. The 63,000 sq. ft. space was filled with a retrospective presentation in a league with international showcase expositions and was viewed by a vibrant group of movers and shakers.

 Good food, entertainment, discussion and art presentations were laced throughout the well-planned event. On display was a full spectrum of each artist – past and present – in a vetted palette of imagery displayed. Walls containing a retrospective of works and the current images of the artists in attendance were displayed in a salon-like environment. This offered the art enthusiast space to comprehensively view each artist’s body of work while this impressive collective of artists exchanged creative vision freely, making for quite the rarefied atmosphere.

Among those on hand for the revelries were Agam, Peter Max, Itzchak Tarkay, Thomas Kinkade, Csaba Markus, Linda Le Kinff, Alfred Gockel, Marcel Mouly, Scott Jacobs, Howard Behrens, Fanch Ledan and many, many others. The celebration was driven by a blend of Albert Scaglione’s enthusiasm and the dynamic energies offered by these international artists during the gracious three-day festivities.

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