Park West Gallery in Art World News: “Galleries Benefit from Art Auctions”

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Art World News, the popular art and framing trade magazine, recently featured an article entitled, “Galleries Benefit from Art Auctions.” Park West Gallery was among the art auction industry leaders interviewed for the piece. In part:

AWN-cover-april2011Creating an “experience” different to what people would get at the gallery alone, is important to the atmosphere, says Stoney Goldstein, executive vice president of sales at Park West Gallery.

The company, headquartered in Southfield, MI, holds auctions in its gallery and at sea.

“Auctions are effective because clients enjoy the experience—from the preview to the bidding to seeing the presentations—and that certain indescribable energy that only an auction can provide.

In a gallery, artworks may hang on a wall for months waiting for a collector. An auction is not only a fun and exciting event, it also helps clients evaluate what works they are interested in collecting and a price point at which they are comfortable spending more quickly; especially when there are 300 other people there who may be interested in the same artworks.”

[…] Charities can play a big role in a successful auction as well. First, it allows the gallery to do fundraising work, whilst also bringing new people into the gallery. Park West recently did an auction for the Florida Caribbean Cruise Association Foundation, and raised nearly $30,000 for their children’s outreach programs to the Caribbean and Latin America…

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