Park West Gallery Exclusive: Tour Linda Le Kinff’s Home and Studio

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Park West Gallery Exclusive

Journey to Rambouillet, a suburb just outside of Paris, where you’ll get a peek inside the home and studio of world-renowned French artist Linda Le Kinff. Park West Gallery Director Morris Shapiro visits with Le Kinff and discusses a new artistic direction she has decided to pursue.

Artwork selections from the Park West/Linda Le Kinff collection are available for purchase through Park West Gallery and our cruise art auctions at sea. Visit the Park West Gallery/Le Kinff Fine Art Collection to learn more.

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  • Mr. Ronald Nader

    When in Paris with my Italian Friends & Firm I had always desired to visit Linda’s Studio. I had met with with her at her last Parkwest Exhibition – turns Her Husband never saw an Original Soccer Poster ( which ) Linda had actually signed for my wife & I some years ago / Morris provided The poster Art Work .. I had purchased 4 Original Paintings with Beck Hannel pre Exhibition. Linda’s Husband was thrilled – she drew another Potrait on the reverse, but I had to get the Work out od the Gallery .. Folks were trying to purchase it from me ( High Offer was $ 3,000 ). A wonderful afternoon of Photographs with Linda, my Wife & I ( and ) Linda remembered meeting my wife Noreen’s Mother – My Italian is good enough, I don’t speak French but Linda is fluent in Italian. She’s positively charming & I liked her husband. They inveted us to visit when in Paris. PPS wonderful Videos with Morris. Great Idea !! Ron Nader, Retired Senior Editor, American Broadcasting Companies, N.Y.

  • vivian

    I met Linda on a cruise to bermuda and enjoyed meeting here I love some of her works and think the new ideas that she is working on will be just as successful take care linda looking forword seeing more works and you again

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