Happy 83rd Birthday Yaacov Agam! [Park West Gallery Giveaway]

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* This contest has now ended. The winner will be posted below, and thank you to all who entered!

YAACOV AGAM (b. May 11, 1928 – ) is often called the “Father of Kinetic art” for having pioneered a new art form which stresses change and movement. Today is the 83rd birthday of this world-renowned artist, and Park West Gallery is inviting you to help us celebrate! Here’s how…

Contest Rules and Prize Details

Agam The Elysee SalonTHE PRIZE

Park West Gallery will select our favorite response from all of the contest entries. One winner will receive a copy of the following:

Agam: The Elysee Salon, a gorgeous full-color hardcover art book, published by Editions du Centre Pompidou, Paris, 2007. The Elysee Palace Salon was the vision of President and Madame Georges Pompidou who believed that “sensitivity to modern art would further the country’s awareness of modernity allowing it to be able to better embrace the fierce rate of its development.” This book is a testimony to the vision of Pompidou; the philosophy and creativity of Agam; and the commission, politics, installation, and reinstallation of the Salon that took place over a thirty-two year period from 1968 to 2000.


RULE #1: Post your answer to the following question in the comments below.

As Yaacov Agam considers his works of art to be “visual prayers” or creations which each reflect upon the metaphysical, he chooses to incorporate factors of 9 into each work to “resonate” this purpose (more on this here). Why/how has the number 9 been influential in your life?

For example, maybe you come from a family of 9 siblings? Is your favorite hockey player Red Wings great #9 Gordie Howe? Do you have a funny story about the time you spent 9 days camping in the jungle? You get the idea.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Since we’ll be choosing our favorite response, you’ll score bonus points by getting really creative and relating the number 9 to a Park West Gallery experience! For example, have you attended 9 different Park West Gallery cruise art auctions? Or perhaps you’ve collected 9 works of art from Park West Gallery?

Not familiar with artist Yaacov Agam, or need a little inspiration for your answer? Visit these Park West Gallery sites for more info:

RULE #2: Include your first name, last initial and email address in the comment form. (Note: Emails will NOT be displayed publicly and will only be used to contact the winner.)

RULE #3: EARN BONUS ENTRIES!* Earn additional entries by linking back to this contest page. Link to this page from your Facebook, Twitter, blog or other website and post a trackback link to it in the comment form below (so we can verify your link). You’ll get an extra entry for each link you post.

*Enter as many times as you’d like. Limit one prize per person.

The name of the contest winner will be announced at The Official Blog of Park West Gallery during the week of May 16-20, 2011, so bookmark this page and check back here to see if you’ve won! The winner will also be notified via email.

Note: No purchase necessary to enter or win. A purchase does not improve your chance of winning. U.S. residents only.

The deadline for entries is Friday, May 13, 2011 @ midnight EST.

Good Luck!


REBECCA L. | posted May 12, 2011 at 11:53 am


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  • Michele Bachrow

    Today, May 11, Agam’s 83rd birthday, is it? My birthday is one day less than a month from now, June 10. Not a number 9 involved here, is there? 11-10=1, 11+10=21, not there either.

    We have two Agams on our walls. Guests look at them again and again – maybe nine times?

    83, less my age,65 = 18 – that’s chai – good luck in Hebrew. BEST OF LUCK TO AGAM FOR MANY MORE YEARS.

  • Cheryl Thomas

    The number nine always represents a precipice to me… one more, and you are in double digits… or one more than 99, and you are in triple digits… it’s the last step, allowing you to look back over a complete group, before stepping into the next. It is completion, with the promise of more to come.
    Happy Birthday, Yaacov Agam! May you see the next magical incarnation of this number!

  • Britton H.

    Today, 5/11/11, is Agam’s birthday. 5+11+11=27. 27/3=9. I have 3 very special 27’s that are important to me and my family. My birthday, my husbands birthday and our anniversary are all on the 27th day of their respective months. By this math…Agam and I are forever tied together!

  • patsy b

    well, we met agam 3 years ago at his 80th birthday party in detroit. we have bought 3 works of art by the agams and we have been on at least 3 cruises with pwg.

    • Victor Baker

      Hi Patsy, I also was at his 80th B-day Party in Detroit. It was a great event. I was so Happy i was invited to that one. Have a great day

  • Julia J.

    Truly, I come from a family of 9. 5 boys ,4 girls. I have been on 9 cruises and my son was born in the 9th month. I have 2 Agam pieces and I am seeking to have 9.

  • Julia J.

    Consecutive Threes in your life may symbolize the need to express yourself . 3 threes equal 9. Thats what Agam does in his paintings. Expressing himself.

  • Bob Y

    We love Agam paintings and have a print in our living room. Someday I hope to have more. As for the number 9, it is the last number of my cell phone number; 9 is the total of my birth month and year, seocond month, sixteenth day; 9 is the last digit of my year of high school graduation (69); 9 is the total of my marriage date when added together (March 27… 2+7); and by 9 pm most nights I can’t stay awake any longer.

  • Rebecca leathers

    9 is a special number for me! I was nine when my mom had my younger brother, and was very sick afterward. I had to grow up! I spent my teen years tending to her and my younger brother. His birthday was 3-3, which multiplies to 9, and my favorite number is 36, whose sum is also 9!!!

    As a result of growing up to young, I like to play and collect art that stimulates the younger part of my soul. I am fortunate enough to have Agam in my collection, 3 pieces! I love his dynamic work and love sharing the joy I feel when I interact with a piece of his work!!

  • rebecca

    And if I posted in time, my post was #9! I just realized!

  • Debbie P

    9 is the nummber of months I have set as a deadline… to perhaps chance this new person in my life; the most inspiring, exciting and unexpected kind of infatuation I have ever felt. although it may not seem important, based on my history: it is. I have never been passionate about anything before, until I attended a meeting held by Park West and suddenly curiosity and admiration surfaced. so after buying 9 paintings, as a reward I have beauty in my walls and HOPE in my LIFE.

    • Victor B

      Very Nice Comment Debbie P.

  • Victor B

    9 Facts about me
    I Retired from the Service in 09
    My boots were size 9
    Now I never go to sleep before 9pm.
    And Never wake up before 9am.
    Love eating Reese’s Cups by 9s.
    My 9th Favorite Nascar driver is Kasey Khane, who use to drive the #9 car.
    Would Love to be invited to Park West VIP Event when Agam turns 99.
    I will buy my 9th piece from him on that date.

  • Victor B

    The Next Agam fan that posts a comment here will be the 9th DIFFERENT person to so. Maybe that will bring luck for them. Or maybe it will bring me Luck for realizing it. 9 of my fingers are crossed, and for the next 9 minutes I will surf the Park West website to see what’s new. Good Luck everyone, and to who ever wins, I will buy it from you for 9$ if interested.

    • Victor B

      Help! What does this “trackback link” mean? Link to this page from your Facebook, and post a trackback link to it in the comment form below (so we can verify your link).

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