Exploring the World as a Park West VIP

VIP collectors in Ephesus, Turkey (Photo courtesy of Jason Betteridge)

When you’re a VIP collector with Park West Gallery, it’s all about the art, but it’s also so much more.

To be a VIP at Park West means clients are not only offered some of the most exclusive artworks in Park West’s extensive collection, but also meet the artists themselves and enjoy amazing trips to exotic locations.

This was the case in 2017 when Park West’s VIP clients journeyed to locations from Asia to Antarctica.

“There is an alchemy that happens when you meet an artist, understand who they are as a person, appreciate their approach to painting and then share this adventure with fellow collectors on the same journey,” says VIP Auctioneer Jason Betteridge.

Here are just some of the incredible journeys our VIPs have taken alongside Park West and its artists.



Israel is the home of many Park West Gallery artists, including Slava Ilyayev, Maya Green, Mark Kanovich, and David Najar. In addition, among them is renowned kinetic artist Yaacov Agam.

Park West Galley VIP guests at the Yaacov Agam Museum of Art

FRONT ROW: Aris Ogaden, VIP Coordinator; John Block, VIP Auctioneer; Ketut Arsana, Head VIP Coordinator; Diane Hnidan, VIP Guest; Simon Lindner, VIP Associate; Yaacov Agam, Artist; Chantal Thomas d’Hoste, Featured Harpist; Morris Shapiro, Park West Gallery Director; Savannah Schulatz, CS Auctioneer; Cherisa Bareither, CS Art Associate; Kin Lai, VIP Guest; Francoise Farrell, CS Gallery Director; Nick Velicka, Constellation Art Auctioneer; SeBelle Bowman, VIP Associate
SECOND ROW: Several guests, including Donna Morrison Musto, VIP Associate; Jin Trotter, VIP Associate; Diane Pandolfi, Director, Park West Foundation, and her husband Dennis; Albert & Mitsie Scaglione, CEO and Corporate Secretary, Park West Gallery; Mark Fromer, Chairman, Friends of Yaacov Agam Museum; Ran & Ayala Balokan, Romi Gallery (Photo by Shooka Cohen)

In 2017, Agam’s decades-long career was honored with the opening of the Yaacov Agam Museum of Art in Rishon LeZion. Recently, Park West VIPs has the opportunity to visit the museum in the company of Agam.

“Taking a group of art collectors to the Holy Land on a tour hosted by Yaacov Agam was one of the great experiences of my life,” says VIP Auctioneer John Block. “To visit the Yaacov Agam Museum and get a private tour by Agam himself was a rare treat.”

Yaacov Agam meeting Park West Gallery's VIP guests on the steps of the Yaacov Agam Museum of Art. (Photo by Shooka Cohen)

Yaacov Agam meeting Park West Gallery’s VIP guests on the steps of the Yaacov Agam Museum of Art. (Photo by Shooka Cohen)

The VIPs also visited Old Jaffa and a building complex designed by Agam in Tel Baruch, as well as the Tel Aviv Museum during their artistic journey.



(Photo courtesy of SeBelle Bowman)

During trips to Asia, VIPs had the opportunity to tour Ho Chi Minh City in Vietnam and climb the Great Wall of China. VIP tours were also arranged for destinations such as Japan, Cambodia, and Thailand.

The Tian Tan Buddha statue on Lantau
Island in Hong Kong (Photo courtesy of SeBelle Bowman)

“Asia is a magical place filled with great food, wonderful people, and history and art that are truly remarkable,” Block said. “It’s the perfect destination for a group of art collectors to explore.”



Yes, believe it or not, Antarctica has become a popular destination for cruises, especially for those hoping to travel to all seven continents during their lifetime.

Cape Horn (Photo courtesy of Donna Morrison)

Known as the White Continent, VIP guests viewed the hundreds of thousands of penguins that call the icy frontier home, and icebergs as large as mountains or small countries. Whether through itineraries based around Hope Bay, Deception Island, or crossing the Lemaire Channel, Antarctica is truly a sight to behold.

Only about 20,000 passengers visit the continent on an annual basis, making it all the more special for Park West VIPs.

“Our international adventures give us the opportunity to utilize our resources and partnerships to make these adventures much more than the sum of their parts,” Betteridge says. “These are real experiences and have to be attended to truly appreciate.”

King penguins on the Falkland Islands (Photo courtesy of Donna Morrison)

VIP collectors David and Christine B. are among those who have enjoyed a Park West VIP experience. They had the opportunity to meet artists such as Lebo, Scott Jacobs, Michael Cheval, and Sam Park during a cruise.

“They were just amazing people with such wonderful stories to share. We spent so much time just sitting and chatting with these awesome gentlemen,” David said. “We felt like part of a big, diverse family gathered for a common purpose, and made some new friends we will know and love for a lifetime!”

To learn more about becoming a VIP member, contact Park West Gallery at (800) 521-9654 ext. 1 or clientservices@parkwestgallery.com.

13 Responses to Exploring the World as a Park West VIP

  1. Deidre whitlock says:

    I am a parkwest collector interested in attending the VIP events. Please let me know how I need to go about getting an invitation

  2. Patricia Williams says:

    I am interested in attending the next VIP event. Thank you.

  3. Lynn Widdowson says:

    I am interested in VIP events

  4. Michael Tanner says:

    To learn more about becoming a VIP member, contact Park West Gallery at (800) 521-9654 ext. 1 or clientservices@parkwestgallery.com.

  5. ED LEHANE says:

    Just getting ready for my second Park West VIP cruise. This one is a two-week cruise on the Celebrity Infinity to seven ports in South America including three days in Rio de Janeiro for Carnival festivities. I cannot wait.
    The previous VIP event was a cruise around the Caribbean. It was wonderful. Besides the special dinners and cocktail parties, we had the opportunity to meet several artists. These included; Autumn de Forrest, Tim Yankee, Charles Bragg, and Peter Max. Incidentally, I am now a collector of the works of all of them.
    I don’t yet know which artists we will have the pleasure of meeting on this cruise, but I am sure they will be a great selection of Park West’s best.
    These events always offer a unique selection of the best of Park West’s items, and I am sure I will have the opportunity to acquire some very special artwork.
    My advice would be to take part in any of these events which are offered to you.


    My wife and i have been unable to get to Park West VIP cruises so far because we are so far away in Australia. We would love to join one to Japan or other area of Asia if available.

  7. Regina Alfano says:

    I am going to the upcoming VIP cruise and I am so excited…

  8. Toni Clark says:

    I think we are vip, just not sure. Can you check for me, if not we need to be!!!!

  9. Don Moyer says:

    When is the next VIP cruise and will I be invited? My Max collection is almost complete.

    • parkwestgal says:

      Hello Don! We’ve passed along your inquiry to our Client Services department, so someone should be reaching out to you soon. You may also feel free to contact us here: Contact Us

  10. Pat Williams & Cheryl Burgess says:

    When will you again be in the beautiful Pacific Northwest? We want to keep the dates open!!

  11. Greg Helle says:

    When will you be in the Pacific Northwest again? We want to keep our calendar open to attend.

  12. Lew Goldman (WT) says:

    We have traveled the world with Park West VIP tours, and without a doubt, the best part of each trip is meeting the artists. Having that personal connection makes each piece of work so much more meaningful. Travel with Park West VIP…it is life-changing.

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