Collectors tie the knot amid works of art

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Park West collectors Randi and Mark recently tied the knot while on board one of their favorite cruise ships, the Allure of the Seas. To brighten up the onboard chapel, the couple enlisted the help of Park West auctioneer John Block to brighten up the room and help express their personalities and mutual love of art.

Mark and Randi

Mark and Randi

“Art is a common interest that we share and such a big part of our cruises and new life, we thought it was very appropriate to include art at our wedding,” said Mark. “When we got on board I couldn’t believe what I saw. So much art from our favorite artist. John, Erhard and Chris, the Park West Gallery team on the ship, really made us feel like VIPs.”

Art is a common interest of Randi and Mark. The couple met online five years ago through their shared love of cruising. Since then they have traveled on 15 cruises together. Their first art collecting experience began with Romero Britto’s “Honeymoon at Sea,” a purchase that would foreshadow not only their honeymoon but also their wedding date.

“February 14 was supposed to be a family cruise, but February 22 worked better for the wedding,” said Mark.

While Randi and Mark were deciding on their wedding date, they noticed a coincidence— “Honeymoon at Sea” was numbered 222. Their wedding date (2/22) had been in front of them the entire time.

“That sealed the wedding date!” said Mark. “We call that bshert! Yiddish for ‘meant to be.'”

Randi and Mark posing with sculptures by Peter Max

Randi and Mark posing with sculptures by Peter Max

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  • Joyce

    What a lovely story and a lovely couple! Best wishes for a long, wonderful, healthy life together.

  • v45magna

    Very cool. Lovely idea. Congrats on the wedding

  • Hutoxi

    Wishing them the very best on their onward journeys! Congratulations!! May your lives be smooth sailing!!

  • Felicia

    Congratulations! What wonderful way to share your lives together. You sailed right into each others hearts.

  • barry

    CONGRATS! Love the Agam. What is the name of it? You have great taste-best wishes!

  • Yvonne Pineiro

    Beautiful couple and beautiful story. My husband and I share the same passion for art collecting and is what I look forward to most about cruising besides the beaches and all the great food. Tarkay is my favorite.

  • Randi

    Thank you all so much for your wonderful wishes! Park West was there for us in a beautiful way!


    This is awesome blog. i have to congratulate both couples who looks so beautiful together…

  • Alyssa

    Might I add…Mark and Randi have instilled their love of art in Mark’s daughter (me!) and I am now a collector too as of this summer! Spreading love and joy through art, who would’ve thunk it. (sorry dad, I’m a Lebo girl 😀 )

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