Auctioneer Spotlight: Erhard Vermeulen and Lykleleen Myburgh

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Many of our Park West collectors develop friendships with the art teams over the course of their land or sea vacations. Our Auctioneer Spotlight provides a chance to get to know them better as they share their favorite adventures in the art world.

Erhard Vermeulen and Lykleleen Myburgh are both from Cape Town, South Africa. Erhard was a successful account manager at Canon, while Lykleleen already had a foot in the arts industry through attending a fine art school and working as a marketing manager at an auctioneering firm. Both were happy, but wanted a life that was filled with the ability to innovate and explore to achieve their dreams. Since 2012, they have had very rewarding careers and are recognized as top auctioneers on one of the newest Royal Caribbean International ships, Anthem of the Seas.

Lykleleen Myburgh and Erhard Vermeulen - Auctioneer Spotlight

Lykleleen Myburgh and Erhard Vermeulen. Photo credit: Erhard Vermeulen

Previous ships: Carnival Ecstasy, Holland America Eurodam, Crown Princess, Royal Caribbean International (RCI) Legend of the Seas, RCI Freedom of the Seas, and RCI Oasis of the Seas
Current ship: RCI Anthem of the Seas

What do you like most about being an auctioneer?
Erhard: There are so many things! We love introducing the art program to passengers for the first time! Almost every single cruise we hear, “Never in my life did I expect to have so much fun and learn so much at the same time during the auction.” Hearing those words make it so much more enjoyable to get on stage and share my passion for art with the audience. It is such a pleasure to auction off artworks to people who appreciate what we do. I also love to teach; therefore, it is wonderful to know that we educate people on different art-related matters and meeting all different kinds of people. It adds character, enjoyment and wisdom to our everyday lives.


Who is your favorite Park West artist and why?
Erhard: I definitely don’t have just one favorite artist. One of them is Joan Mirό. Every time I lay eyes on a Mirό artwork, I get absorbed into his compelling world of poetry. The more you look at it, the more you see. Another favorite, who needs no introduction, is Peter Max. I am mesmerized by his ability to innovate and bring different styles throughout the years as an artist.

Lykleleen: One of my favorite artists is Yaacov Agam. His artworks demonstrate his concern with time, movement, and viewer involvement. The viewer becomes a participant in the transformation of his works by moving in front of it, rotating it or by light manipulation! I think it is genius.


What is your favorite client memory?
Erhard: A few months ago, Mr. and Mrs. Hopkins sailed with us on Allure of the Seas. At one of the auctions, we offered a commission by Peter Max. Mrs. Hopkin’s bid card flew up in the air! That evening she came to the gallery and shared the story of the photograph she wanted to use. It was a photo of her son in U.S. military uniform. Janet had lost her son in the Iraq War. She was so excited to have her son painted by no other than the famous Peter Max and the entire experience was full of smiles and good memories of her son. Sharing that experience with her was truly special.

Then there was Mark and Randi. The morning of embarkation day, Mark and Randi were married in the chapel onboard RCI Allure of the Seas. They had a special request prior to the wedding for the Park West team to decorate the chapel with their favorite artworks. Together with their family, friends, a few Tarkay ladies, and sculptures by Agam and Max, Mark and Randi exchanged their vows. They are experienced collectors and it was special to see them incorporate their favorite artists as part of their special day.

Lykleleen Myburgh and Erhard Vermeulen traveling in Europe while aboard the Allure. Photo credit: Erhard Vermeulen


What is your favorite port?
Lykleleen: Reykjavik, Iceland is an absolute must see. When I saw the Northern Lights and the Blue Lagoon, I was speechless. It is one of Mother Nature’s most beautiful treasures. We also like Alaska with its glaciers and wildlife. Here’s one tip: Don’t let the mountains covered in snow fool you. You can still get sunburned! Wear sunscreen!


Any big plans in the future?
Erhard: Lykleleen and I met six years ago. Two years ago we got engaged and we are currently planning our wedding, which is taking place on November 26th, 2016.

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  • Thor Marthinussen

    We had the pleasure to meet them both at Our cruise With Anthem of the Seas in April-16. We bought a painting of Peter Max The Umbrella Man. Best wishes to them both for the wedding.

    Anita and Thor from Norway


    Good luck on the new ship. It was a pleasure meeting you two . Love the terkay origanal little girl you sold us its hanging in a grat spot that i have to see it when i head to my bedroom .

  • Terry & Carol Mills

    We were fortunate to have been on both the Allure and the Anthem with both of them. We had great fun and increased our collection. Particularly with some of our favorite artists, Nano Lopez, Tarkay, Krasnyansky, as well as other artists and got our first Peter Max.

  • Claire Rincon

    My son talked me into attending the auction on the Allure of the Sea in December 2015…and I was so excited to purchase my first Peter Max pieces. Thank you both, for sharing your knowledge with this rookie collector. Can’t wait until my next cruise.

  • David and Sharon Corey

    It was during our cruise on Allure of the Seas last December that we had the pleasure of meeting both Erhard and Lykleleen. What a wonderful couple. It was because of Erhard that we were able to obtain our beautiful original artwork by Ilyayev. We hope to meet up with both of them again, and wish them a very happy marriage!

  • Donald Huff

    We had the pleasure of meeting both Erhard and Lyleleen on the Anthem of the Seas this past April. They arrived mid-cruise and we were the fortunate ones to have them aboard. We wish the very best on their forthcoming wedding and continued success as Art Auctioneer.

  • Alex

    I’ve had the privilege to work with them on Legend Of The Seas. A true pleasure


    when are you guys getting married . let me know if you will be in Ft Lauderdale . love to see you .. PS love my Stacy the fast turtle .. met Nano here in Fla looking foward in getting another when we cruise on July 9 ith Park West VIP cruise on the Oasis Best to you both had a great time with you guys

  • Michael and Sheilla Chubirka

    We had a fantastic time with them both on the Anthem in May ’16. Bought our 1st Peter Max and Ilyayev during this trip and looking forward to next year. Thank you both and we send many blessings to you and your future!

  • Barbara and Bob Forauer

    Sailed on the Anthem in April 2016 and met these really fun art auctioneers! Wishing you well in your years ahead and our Bone Tiger will remind us of where and when we met!

  • Cindy Romanet

    Sailed on the Anthem of the Seas in April of 2016. Erhard & Lykleleen were the auctioneers & even during the size of the room they had to hold the auction in, made attending the auctions very enjoyable. Plus, I ended up buying quite a few pieces of artwork during the cruise.

  • Kevin Vienneau

    I have no doubt Mrs. Hopkins will be utterly disappointed in her commission by Peter Max. I was.

  • Kirby Montgomery

    We embark on the Anthem of the Seas August 6, 2016 and look forward to meeting you. My wife and I are veterans of your VIP cruises hosted by Jordan Sitter! Best regards!

  • Dave & Dee Kennedy

    Dee and I had the pleasure of attending multiple auctions on board the Crown Princess in April 2014. Erhard and his team made the experience very rewarding. We purchased over 10 pieces including Max, Bellet, LeKinff and others. Of all of the cruises & auctions that we have attended, this was the most enjoyable. Thank you again Erhard.

  • Nancy & Tony

    We met both of them on our European cruise in 2015. We purchased our first 2 Peter Max’s. We met them again last week on the Anthem cruising to New England/Canada. This time we purchased Tarkay and Le Kniff. I would like to wish them well with their wedding in November in South Africa, and for many many years. Hope to meet them again on future cruises.

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