Abraham Lincoln Delivering the Gettysberg Addre

Abraham Lincoln Delivering the Gettysberg Addre
279968 Rockwell, Norman Abraham Lincoln Delivering the Gettysberg Address 2012 19 9/16'' x 14'' Seriolithograph in color on archival paper. Signed in the plate with the artist's estate authorized facsimile signature lower right. Also containing the gold seal of the "Norman Rockwell Authorized Estate" lower left. From the hors commerce proof edition of 85 (450 Arabic numbered proofs, 85 European artist's proofs, 85 artist's proofs, and 4 bon a tirer impressions also exist). This seriolithograph is one of two seriolithographs included in "The Patriotic suite". This work originated as an Illustration for McCall's magazine, July 1942. Lincoln's speech was delivered on November 19, 1863 four months after the Union Armies defeated the South at Gettysburg, Pennsylvania and brought an end to the United States' protracted Civil War. Considered one of America's most famous and well-known speeches (just over two-minutes long), the speech reiterated the principles of human equality and the viability of the democratic state. Rockwell set the President on a platform, between two flags with the viewer looking up to emphasize the importance of the moment. Lincoln holds a tiny note, reinforcing how in such a brief speech, he was able to convey a powerful and lasting message. The open sky behind Lincoln solidifies his figure, an allusion to the many statues of the President which have been created and the faces of the people behind him, man, woman, young and old symbolize the unity of America that Lincoln brought about before his assassination in April of 1865 just one and one half years after the famous speech.
Abraham Lincoln Delivering the Gettysberg Addre
Rockwell, Norman
19 5/8" x 14 "
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