Jan Antonides van der Linden Physician

Jan Antonides van der Linden Physician
Rembrandt Van Rijn Jan Antonides van der Linden Physician c. 1665 B. Holl. 264; BB. 65-1 5" x 4 1/4" Etching with drypoint on thin wove paper trimmed to the plate mark. Support mount to thick wove paper. Biorklund Barnard's sixth state of six White and Boon's fifth state of five and Nowell Eusticke's seventh state of seven after the addition of the cross hatching on the dark shadows of the trees just below the left point of the collar. According to Nowell Eusticke an impression as issued by J.M. Creery (1816) in the Collection of 200 Etchings" showing wear in the dark shadows of the cloak and background. Nowell Eusticke makes specific reference to this impression by Creery as being printed on "very thin paper". According to Schwartz the was Rembrandt's last known etching completed four years before his death. It was made for the frontispiece of the sitters posthumous edition of the writings of Hippocrates never being used however because the publisher required an engraving and not an etching. White and Boon further notes that the sitter (1609-1664) was professor of medicine at Leiden from 1651 until his death. Rembrandt based his portrait on a painting dated 1660 by Abraham van den Tempel which is now in the Mauritshuis The Hague."
Jan Antonides van der Linden Physician
Rembrandt Van Rijn
5 " x 4 1/4"
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