Lezard aux Plumes II (M. 828)

Lezard aux Plumes II (M. 828)
148528 Miro, Joan Le Lezard aux Plumes d'or II 1971 M.828 13 1/4'' x 38 1/2'' Lithograph in color on Rives vellum with watermark. Signed in pencil lower right. From the hors commerce edition (100 Arabic numbered examples on Rives vellum, 20 European artist proofs on Rives vellum, and 20 examples, numbered in Roman on Rives vellum also exist). Mourlot additionally cites 50 numbered examples with wide margins on Japon nacre and 50 numbered examples on Rives vellum. 195 unsigned examples from the portfolio edition also exist, signed and numbered on the justification pages of the portfolios. From the collection of Louis Broder, the publisher. The art publisher, Louis Broder was active in the 20th century as a collaborator and publisher of many important graphic works. He commissioned artists such as Picasso, Braque, Jean Arp, Jacques Villon, Andre Masson and many others to create interpretations of literary works, poems, or conceptual ideas through a variety of media. His collaborations with Miro through the world famous Mourlot lithographic atelier in Paris created four historically significant and highly desirable suites of color lithographs in 1970 and 1971. Only a few examples of these works were offered initially through a gallery in Paris in the early 1970's and then only sporadically over the ensuing years. The remaining unsold examples were held by the estate, after the death of Lous Broder, for 35 years until Park West Gallery acquired the entire remaining collection. This hand-signed lithograph from a small edition has never been previously framed, and rarely exposed to light.
Lezard aux Plumes II (M. 828)
Miró, Joan
13 1/4" x 38 1/2"
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