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Rachael Robb was born in 1969 in Melbourne, Australia. In 1990, after studying Fine Art in Melbourne at the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology, Rachael travelled extensively throughout the world gaining inspiration for her art. She lived for a number of years in San Francisco and Prague before settling in London, where she now has a studio and lives and works.


Her paintings use light and shadow very drastically. Taking cues from Rembrandt and Caravaggio, Robb’s dramatically black backgrounds spotlight her subjects – from ominous and expressive portraits to still lifes – to highlight their mystery.

"Antique Coffee Cups and Manderin" (2017), Rachael Robb

“Antique Coffee Cups and Manderin” (2017), Rachael Robb

The theatrical drama, intense “chiaroscuro,” and intense energy create a fantastic setting for her subjects. She also uses technology to her advantage, using digital photographs to blow up subjects such as flowers to gain a detailed and up-close perspective for her immediate reference.

Since she was 7 years old, Rachael has been inspired by her draftsman father. She has always wanted to paint, never envisioning an alternate career. Spending years “up to [her] elbows in paint, creating a muddy mess,” she insists that “persistence is key” and the only way to learn is to make mistakes – and that’s okay.

"Blue Vase" (2017), Rachael Robb

“Blue Vase” (2017), Rachael Robb

With the future in mind, Rachael says, “I hope my paintings are timeless. I’d like to think if someone owns a piece of my work it will stay on their wall forever!”

Like a moment frozen in time, her paintings create a stimulating and enjoyable environment for anyone who views them. Her inspirations, from the Dalai Lama to “The Picture of Dorian Gray,” help define the incredible depth and presence in her paintings. Rachael currently resides in northeast London as she spends time refining her technique.

"Whiskey Decanter" (2015), Rachael Robb

“Whiskey Decanter” (2015), Rachael Robb

Rachel has had international exhibitions in the USA, England, Czech Republic, Australia, Sweden, France, and Switzerland, including:

• 2006 Barbican Library, Barbican Center, London
• 2005 The Poetry Society- London
• 2004 Discerning Eye, Mall Galleries, London (Selected by Mark Lawson, BBC Radio 4 and News Night Culture & Arts presenter)
• 2004 The Poetry Society- London
• 2004 Art Expo, New York (for London Contemporary Art Ltd)
• 2004 RCA Secret, Royal College, London
• 2004 Paintings featured in New Tricks – A BBC TV drama starring Dennis Waterman & Anthony Head
• 2003 RCA Secret, Royal College, London

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