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Linda Le Kinff on Expression Through Technique

To achieve the exotic, lush and intoxicating imagery of her artwork, Linda Le Kinff has mastered multiple techniques. Not bound by a limited number of mediums, Le Kinff is an artist who has combined everything from acrylic and casein to ink and watercolor to create her own unique and recognizable artwork. She gives equal status to each medium and technique available to her, and spoke about how she combines both modern and traditional methods to accomplish her one-of-a-kind style. https://youtu.b...

Linda Le Kinff: The Classical Training of a Contemporary Artist

Artist Linda Le Kinff has spent her life mastering artistic techniques from around the world. In this video, she takes us inside her creative process.

Linda Le Kinff and the Art of Every Woman

The history of art is anything but steady. From the iconoclasts of Medieval Europe to the unhinged avant-gardes of the Great War, few conventions have gone untested. The female figure is arguably the only uninterrupted study in art history’s canon. Diversified in representation throughout the ages, we see her everywhere. In Sandro Botticelli’s “Birth of Venus,” she wistfully reminds us to dream, while in Leonardo’s da Vinci’s “Mona Lisa” her smile beguiles us; in Willem de Kooning’s “Woman” seri...

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French artist Linda Le Kinff has traveled the world, created art for celebrated sports events and mastered many techniques. Test your knowledge about Le Kinff and her artwork with our newest quiz. If you need any hints for the answers, be sure to check out Le Kinff's website or her Park West artist profile. Good luck! Linda Le Kinff Quiz » Powered