New Michael Godard Sale Features More Than 30 Unique Works

Michael Godard art at Park West Gallery

As the “Rock Star of the Art World,” Michael Godard borrows a page from his musical counterparts by searching for new and innovative ways to express himself.

“I’ve always admired musicians and artists that are constantly reinventing themselves,” Godard says. “I’m constantly doing that with my own artwork.”

There is no better example of Godard’s innovations than Park West Gallery’s newest sale featuring the whimsical and wild works by Godard. Whether you’re a longtime fan or just now learning about “the Olive Guy,” you’ll have no trouble finding the perfect Godard for your home.

With 36 works of art available at special pricing, this sale will only be around for a short while, so be sure to view the collection online while it lasts. We’re offering art lovers the opportunity to collect one-of-a-kind Godard art at multiple price points, including:

  • 22 mixed-media paintings
  • 5 paintings on paper
  • 4 paintings
  • 1 drawing

Swim and Be Free” (2018), Michael Godard

Godard’s mixed media works combine the worlds of printmaking and painting to create truly unique works of art. To start one of his detailed compositions, Godard creates a small portion of the artwork, such as the outline of a martini glass, using printmaking techniques. From there he paints one of his signature scenes, such as olives or strawberries enjoying a tropical beach.

“I say, ‘OK, what can I make of this?’ It can be a city background, it can be literally anything,” Godard says. “Instead of just doing, say, five color highlights, I’m creating a whole new painting.”

The four acrylic paintings in this collection range from Godard’s more detailed style to a looser, expressionist approach. Much like his mixed media art, these are the only ones of their kind in existence.

Godard’s innovation is clearly on display with this collection’s paintings on paper too. These hand-painted works from his popular “Brush Strokes” series employ a minimalist technique, but still evoke the artist’s distinctive humor.

Examples of Michael Godard’s “Brush Strokes” series as well as a pencil drawing by the artist.

In addition to all of this one-of-a-kind artwork, our Godard collection includes four limited-edition series of some of the artist’s most iconic paintings. These giclées on canvas are a perfect option for those looking to add original Godard art to their collection.


For information on collecting Michael Godard art, contact our gallery consultants at (800) 521-9654 ext. 4 during business hours or  after hours.


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