How Animation Influenced Patrick Guyton’s Incredible Metallic Art

  Patrick Guyton’s metal artwork draws upon the eastern dynasties of yore, with zen-like balance in his compositions, lustrous leafing and a minimalism that soothes the viewer. With his [...]

Behind the Artist: Patrick Guyton

The path to becoming an internationally renowned fine artist might not be paved in gold, and that’s fine with Patrick Guyton—he prefers to put gold to better use. Guyton’s own career path has had [...]

Patrick Guyton’s Gilded Art Shines in New Limited-Time Fall Sale Collection

Veiled women, tranquil koi ponds, and graceful birds—these are just some of the zen-like images you’ll encounter in the gilded world of artist Patrick Guyton. You can enter this shimmering [...]

Artist Birthdays December 24 – AD REINHARDT

AD REINHARDT (December 24, 1913 – August 30, 1964) Nationality: American Field: Painting Art Movement: Abstract Expressionism, Minimalism ARTiFact: In the 1950s, he began to limit his palette to [...]

Artist Birthdays September 9 – SOL LEWITT

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