Linda Le Kinff on Expression Through Technique

To achieve the exotic, lush and intoxicating imagery of her artwork, Linda Le Kinff has mastered multiple techniques. Not bound by a limited number of mediums, Le Kinff is an artist who has [...]

The Fine Art of Engraving [Video]

Linda Le Kinff demonstrates printmaking techniques in her studio in France.

The Evolution of Printmaking from Masters to Modern Artists

Printmaking fosters a unique method of artistic expression and provides great advantages to an artist in terms of being able to easily produce and distribute their original works to the masses.

The Brilliant Line: Following the Early Modern Engraver

The RISD Museum of Art presents The Brilliant Line: Following the Early Modern Engraver, 1480-1650.

Salvador Dali and the Divine Comedy

The Park West Gallery Dali Collection is one of the most thoroughly documented and authenticated collections of Salvador Dali artwork in the world.

Park West Gallery Re-Launches Pablo Picasso Website

Park West Gallery is pleased to announce the re-launch of its Pablo Picasso Website, including expanded information about Picasso's 347 Series and the La Celestine images.