Peter Max in Portland Family Magazine

Peter Max sat down for a Q&A with Portland Family Magazine. He spoke at length about his early days as an artist, his yogic and vegan lifestyle and how he fuses technology into his art. The magazine’s managing editor, Janna Lopez, asked Peter if he reflects about the journey his creative life has been.

“I like looking back a lot. I also like staying in the present, and I like fantasizing about the future. I used to want to become an astronomer, study the planets, the stars. I was so deeply involved, it got me into future thinking. Not crazy stuff, just what is this all about, where are we going, what’s going on here. We’re living, we’re eating, we’re drinking, we’re walking, we’re hanging out; life is what it is. It’s an amazing, magical thing. It can be enjoyed, and after all these years, philosophically, I’m really into all this stuff.


“I’m a creative guy, I use my creativity, I make pictures, but what does that all really do? It’s all really silly stuff compared to…well, I don’t even know what to compare it to, but I am enjoying my life. I draw, I paint, I go to gallery shows, I have friends, I’m a married guy, I have two kids, they’re grown up, I have a staff of 44, I love everybody, my wife, my kids, the staff—we are all connected, and I make new friends like you. Janna, you are my new friend.” Read more…

Park West Gallery has been the iconic Peter Max‘s dealer since he and Park West Gallery’s founder and CEO Albert Scaglione met in New York in 1972. 

Portland Family Magazine

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  1. Robert Sullivan says:

    We love Peter’s art We own originals and prints and Celia (my wife). Can’t stop tAlking about how it brightens up her world. She is an artist and teacher and I have never seen her so happy. Thank. You Thank You!!!!!!!!

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