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Park West Gallery’s Japanese Woodcut Prints

Park West Gallery is proud to offer Japanese Woodcuts created during Edo period Japan (1615-1868) to our collectors! Known familiarly as ukiyo-e, or “pictures of the floating world,” this genre of images traditionally portrays “worldly pleasures and earthly delights” – a type of escape that dealt with the frustrating ancient divisions of class between Japanese nobles and warriors. Historically, many in the warrior class had been able to accumulate vast sums of money, often much more than many of...

Japanese Woodcut Print Collection at Park West Gallery

Collection highlights along with a bit of art history behind the prints.

Park West Gallery Presents Japanese Woodcut Collection

An introduction to subjects in Japanese prints.

Take a Visual Tour of Park West Museum in Southfield, Michigan Over 50 years ago, Park West Gallery was founded on the belief that art should be accessible to everyone. That's one of the core missions of the Park West Museum, the company's free-to-the-public museum in Southfield, Michigan, just outside of Detroit. In this new video tour, you can experience what it's like to walk through the museum's galleries and get a glimpse at many of the masterworks in its collections. There are galleries devoted to the works...