Marcus Glenn captures the Grammys with vibrant color

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Park West Gallery artist and native Detroiter Marcus Glenn captures the essence of music’s biggest night with his colorful artwork “One Nite Outta This World.” The acrylic on wood mixed media piece depicts the iconic Grammy Awards’ gramophone and is the official artwork for The Recording Academy’s 56th annual event to be held Jan. 26 in Los Angeles. The image will grace the cover of the Grammy Awards’ program book, telecast tickets and promotional poster.

Marcus Glenn's "One Nite Outta This World" is the official artwork for the 56th Annual Grammy Awards.

Marcus Glenn’s “One Nite Outta This World” is the official artwork for the 56th Annual Grammy Awards.

“The inspiration I find for my art is life,” says Marcus, 46, whose works often feature human interaction with instruments as a centerpiece. “Our palettes depict the backgrounds of who we are personally,” he says. In addition to vibrant and rich color, a refined collage technique and the foundation of love he says he puts into his work, his palette is infused with music.

Growing up in Detroit in a house filled with music from his father’s love of jazz and art from his mother’s love a painting, Marcus says the mixture of the two “just stuck.” Even when he was young he found himself drawn to sketching and painting instruments and musicians.

Marcus Glenn joins a growing list of talented artists who have created the annual official Grammy artwork, including Shepard Fairey, Charles Fazzino, Frank Gehry and fellow Park West Gallery artist and pop-art icon Peter Max.

“Since music is at the heart of much of Marcus’ work, the fact that his was selected as the official artwork for the Grammys is an impeccable fit,” said Park West Gallery CEO and founder Albert Scaglione. Albert and his wife, Mitsie, will accompany Marcus and Yolanda Glenn to the awards show next month. “It’s an exciting opportunity for Marcus and is yet another example of the depth of talent that’s right here in Detroit.”

Park West Gallery Artist Marcus Glenn with wife Yolanda at Grammy Awards' event

Marcus and Yolanda Glenn celebrate at a Grammy event. They will also attend the award show in January.

Marcus prefers to create on wood instead of canvas. He incorporates fabrics often given to him from family members, papers he collects from around the world and vibrant colors and rich paints to create a style uniquely his own. He attended the Center for Creative Studies in Detroit, and his work is featured internationally.

Marcus has commissioned works of art hanging in exclusive private and public collections throughout the world. He’s is one of the most widely collected contemporary artists, and his collectors eagerly await each new creation. Marcus has sold artwork in 67 different countries to many thousands of collectors. His work can be found in important collections throughout the world.

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  • Tom Gillespie

    We love your work. So happy for you that you won this award.

  • Andrew Corona

    Love this! Do you have this in prints yet! How much? Really interested!

  • Barbie

    I love this piece of art I have five pieces of Marcus Glenn and will attempt to get this one as well

  • Sherry Nicholson

    Congrats! Well deserved – have quite a few of your works – can’t wait to get this one – Love you and Yolanda – the cruise with you two was wonderful….!

  • Adrienne Ijioma

    Congratulazioni! Auguri a te e la tua moglie, Yolanda. Scrivime (write me) a LinkedIn a volte.

  • Waymon T. Toles

    Another beautiful painting by a very talented and likeable guy. Dawn and I really enjoyed dining with you and Yolanda on the Allure of the Seas.

  • Wayne Ehlinger

    Wonderful artist, I have a few of Marcus pieces… and a Wine bottle.

  • Donna Corbin

    I started collecting on 1 of my many cruises. Marcus Glenn is definitely a favorite, love his work and proudly showcase it in my home and office.

  • patricia murray

    My husband and I just purchased our first piece and truly love it, looking forward to collecting more in the future.

  • Alice Carroll

    Magnificent piece of art work

  • Joseph Gonzalez

    Love your art, will the Grammy poster be available to the public?

    • kristine

      You’re not alone in your inquiry about Marcus Glenn’s official art for the 56th annual Grammy Awards. That piece – “One Night Outta This World” – belongs to the Grammys and isn’t available to collectors, however, works Marcus created leading up to it will be. We’re also eagerly looking forward to future works that Marcus creates reflecting his experience as the official artist of Music’s Biggest Night – the 2014 Grammy Awards. Stay tuned.

  • James & Betty Shaw

    Marcus-So happy your art has been recognized in this way. We certainly love the pieces we own. Congratulations! We will be watching on the 26th.

  • Joyce E. Brown

    I couldn’t be more proud. Love the prints and the clutch you did for me with your ” personal ” touch. So glad your time has finally come… Well deserved!

  • Mike & Lynda Whitcher

    Congratulations Macrus! This is an exciting honor, one which you richly desire. We love your work, a piece hangs in our own music room. Every once in a while when I hit a musical high, I look over at the art, a picture of a man lost in his own musical moment, and think yes, this is what it feels like to fly. We’ll be watching the Grammy’s. Best wishes.

  • Vicky Douvlos

    Congrats for the opportunity. My daughter, husband and I love your work. We have currently purchased two of your pieces. Can’t wait to see what else you will create. God bless.

  • Shelly Berenbaum

    Marcus congratulations on this wonderful achievement. We love your art and style!!

  • Roberta Gerlach

    Thrilled that your wonderful art has been recognized. Hope to see an opportunity to purchase a promotional poster. Congratulations on your rise in the art world.

  • Candice Blackman

    Was privileged to meet Marcus and Yolanda, awesome couple. I own one of his paintings and feel lucky to have it!!

  • Tom Leatherby

    Congratulations Marcus! We’ll place a red carpet under the pieces in our home as we watch for you at the Grammy’s.

  • Penny Badolato

    Congratulations Marcus and well deserved. Just yesterday I was sharing two of your pieces with a fellow Detroiter. Your work brings joy to me everyday. God bless.

  • Robin Wolfe

    Congratulations on this exciting honor. We have just purchased one of your leading to the Grammy pieces for our collection. This makes number 5 for us. We love you and Yolanda, and will be watching on Sunday. Love the new purses!

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