A Pictorial History of the United States Army

A Pictorial History of the United States Army
Rockwell, Norman
A Pictorial History of the United States Army
(Also known as "To Make Men Free")
20 3/16" x 13 1/2"
Seriolithograph in color on archival paper. Signed in the plate with the artist's estate authorized facsimile signature lower right. Also containing the gold seal of the "Norman Rockwell Authorized Estate" lower left. From the numbered edition of 450 (85 European artist's proofs, 85 artist's proofs, 85 hors commerce proofs and 4 bon a tirer impressions also exist).

This seriolithograph is one of two seriolithographs included in "The Patriotic suite".

This work originated as the cover of a book by the same title.c. 1940s. The original painting is in the U.S. Army collection; United States Army Center of Military History, Washington D.C.

Rockwell's compositional device of using profiles to accommodate his multi-figure compositions is employed in this work which is also used in "The Freedom to Worship" from his famous "Four Freedoms" series (created during the same time period). In this case, he portrays the uniforms and rifles used by the U.S. Army through time. The WWII soldier at the bottom of the image represents the contemporary soldier and the remaining figures move back through time to the Revolutionary War. Particularly in works of historic importance, Rockwell was known to be a perfectionist about detail and would have made certain that every element of the uniform and armament was historically accurate. He often brought in outside consultants to review his paintings for accuracy and to assist him in making certain that colors, surfaces and mechanical components were completely fairhful and precise.
A Pictorial History of the United States Army
Rockwell, Norman
20 1/4" x 13 1/2"
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