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A singular talent, Chris Elliman is a Las Vegas-based artist well-known for his startling canvases that explode with color, texture, and multiple levels of subtext and meaning. His fiercely unique style led to Elliman being selected as the champion of Park West’s Gallery’s 2022 Made in Vegas artist search competition.


Elliman—who often paints under the pseudonym DaftPixel—is a modern Surrealist who has attracted an international following for his uncanny ability to construct entire worlds within his intricately detailed paintings.

A master storyteller, Elliman creates extraordinary narrative throughlines for each painting he creates, constructing layer upon layer of commentary through his own distinctive brand of visual language.

In 2022, following hundreds of submissions, weeks of voting, and judging from a panel of world-renowned artists, Elliman was named the winner of Park West’s second annual Made in Vegas art competition.

“We were blown away by Chris Elliman’s artwork,” said John Block, Executive Vice President at Park West Gallery. “His signature style is unique, bold, and completely its own. With Made in Vegas, we were looking to shine a light on the immense talent in Las Vegas’ art community. I think Chris is a perfect ambassador for that community and we couldn’t be happier that he’s our 2022 winner.”

“This feeling is like a thousand paintings I painted trying to get to the center of a Park West Pop,” said Elliman. “I am so proud of everyone who paints, looking for what I consider the ‘ultimate lick.’ This moment of joy tastes like a win, but we are just getting started on this candy lane. I want to congratulate everyone who finger paints, draws stick figures, or makes a comment when it wasn’t required. And yes, every artist in this contest deserves the win.”

If you’re interested in collecting the artwork of Chris Elliman, you can contact Park West’s gallery consultants at (800) 521-9654 ext. 4 or

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