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Aprajita Lal, an accomplished artist based in Bridgewater, NJ, seamlessly weaves nature’s tapestry onto canvases, creating artworks that resonate with vibrancy and emotion. Born and raised in India, Aprajita’s journey into the art world was marked by winning the “All India Camel Color Contest” in third grade. She kept painting all those years and showcased her works in a couple of shows in India. In 2020, during a planned sabbatical from her corporate career, Aprajita fully embraced her identity as a professional artist. 

Personal History

Navigating the challenges of being new in the country and lacking professional knowledge in the art industry, Aprajita’s resilience and passion led her to participate in over 30 shows, including prestigious events like Art Expo, Affordable Art Fair, and Red Dot Miami during Art Basel 2023. Her various painting series, spanning watercolors, acrylics, inks and oils, adorns homes in the USA, India, UK, Dubai, and Canada. 

Beyond brushstrokes, Aprajita actively advocates for environmental conservation, viewing art as a potent tool to raise awareness and inspire positive change. Her motto, “Art that Brings Happiness,” reflects her belief in art’s power to evoke joy and connection. A member of esteemed institutions like the American Watercolor Society and the Salmagundi Club, Aprajita’s work has been published in various art magazines. 


In a world often overlooking nature’s importance, Aprajita emphasizes the need to understand its role and appreciate its beauty. With a brush dipped in passion, guided by the philosophy of sharing nature’s magic, Aprajita Lal continues to make waves in the art world. Each stroke echoes her commitment to spreading happiness through her unique perspective.

Her artworks have found homes among art buyers and collectors across the globe, showcasing the universal appeal of her creations. From solo shows to featuring in renowned events like ArtExpo NYC, Affordable Art Fair NYC – Spring 2023, and Red Dot Miami during Art Basel 2023, Aprajita’s journey is a testament to her unwavering dedication. Her artistic achievements extend beyond exhibitions; her work has been recognized and featured in prestigious publications. 

Aprajita’s narrative is more than an artistic journey; it’s a celebration of resilience, passion, and the profound connection between art and nature. Her art invites viewers to reconnect with the wonders of the natural world and become stewards of the environment. As Aprajita Lal continues to explore and experiment with her artistic style, she imparts a heartfelt message: in appreciating nature’s beauty, we find happiness.


  • Canvas Rebel featured an article in their annual edition for 2023 
  • Featured artist at “Spectrum Art Fair” Miami during Art Basel week in Dec 2023. 
  • “Vivid Vistas” – a solo show at Art Gallery on Motngomery Public Library, NJ- Nov 2023 
  • Affordable Art Fair NYC- Fall Edition from Sept 20-Sept 24th, 2023 
  • “Vox, Veritas, Vita“ A Group show at “The Stables” at Ridgewood, NJ in Sept, 2023 
  • Solo Show “Luminous Symphony” at Art Gallery of Metuchen Library, NJ from August2023-Oct2023 
  • “Ladies First” a group show of distinguished international women artists in Blue Gallery,NYC in June’2023 
  • “Rays of Hope” a solo show at Nomadworks Timesquare NYC May-July’2023 
  • Solo Show “Nature’s Symphony” at JCC Bridgewater,NJ May 2023 showcasing 33 paintings. 
  • Solo Show- “Evolution” at Somerville Library, NJ in April 2023 
  • ArtExpo NYC 2023 Featured Artist in April 2023 
  • “Affordable Art Fair NYC- Spring 2023” Juried artist in March 2023 
  • Featured by Canvas Rebel Magazine in their March edition 
  • Featured Artwork display in a duo-show at Choc-o-Pain Bakery Jersey City in Feb-March 2023 
  • Featured Cover page artist on “The Connections” Magazine (Jan-March Issue) 
  • Permanent Exhibition at Nomad Works, TimeSquare, NYC” 
  • Alchemy of Nature” Solo exhibition in Warren. NJ Feb-March’23 
  • Featured artist at Rockland Art Festival Dec’22-Jan’23 – A short Video interview 
  • “Exposure” a group show at Ceres Gallery, Chelsea, NYC in Dec’22 
  • “Chelsea Biennale” featured artist at Amsterdam Whitney Gallery , Chelsea, NYC (Oct-Dec’22) 
  • “Midtown Art Fair” featured artist in July’22 
  • “Movement” a Group show by Art Apple NYC in Brooklyn in June’22 
  • ArtExpo NYC” featured solo artist in April’22” 
  • Stand with Ukraine”, a group exhibition to raise funds for Ukraine Refugees in collaboration with NYC Art Movement group – April’22 
  • “She is… ” 2022 group show of selected female artists in One Art Space Gallery NYC. in March’22 – Press Release 
  • “Sixth International Women’s Day Art Exhibition” by One Art Space Gallery, NYC in March’22 
  • Featured artist in “Rockland Art Festival” 2021 
  • “Art Mansion” Exhibition in Montclair NJ in Dec’21 
  • “Mirror to the world” – Watercolor Exhibition in Alfa Art Gallery- Winter’ 21 
  • “Artworkers” Exhibition at OneArt Space, Tribeca, NYC 
  • Featured artists in Rockland Art Festival 2020 
  • Featured in Artist Showcase Late Spring’21 by Artsy Shark 
  • Exhibition “Art of Healing” – Aug’21-Aug’22 in Paramus, NJ. “Pink Magnolias” was showcased at special needs hospital. 
  • Featured in Magazine – Contrarium Nov’21 
  • Summer Exhibition at Nomadworks, NYC from June’21- Sept’21 
  • Artist interview with Alfa Art Gallery 
  • Group Show “Bond Beyond Time” by AlfaArtGallery, NJ in May’21 
  • Spring 2021 Exhibition at Nomadworks, NYC from 03′ 21- 06′ 21 
  • “Calm in wilderness” – Solo Exhibition from Feb2021- April 2020 
  • Sanctuary” Art Exhibition with Monmouth Arts, NJ – Dec2020 ArtistsSunday featured Artist in 2020 and 2021 
  • Featured in “Creative Artist Magazine” Summer 2020 issue

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