Albert and Autumn in Alaska

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Albert Scaglione, Park West Gallery’s founder and CEO, is pictured here with the young painter Autumn de Forest at a private Park West collector event aboard a recent cruise to Alaska.

Albert shared the story of first getting acquainted with Autumn’s artwork. “Friends of mine from New York kept saying, ‘you’ve got to look at this young lady’s art,’ and I was overwhelmed.” he said. “Forget about her age, forget about anything else. She’s a very accomplished colorist, a very accomplished technician, she’s extraordinarily creative.”

The group enjoyed hearing Autumn talk about the background and vision for some of her artwork. Her paintings and her expression reflect a remarkable depth and wisdom mixed with the joyful buoyancy of her youth. She said she’s often inspired to “Autumnize” some iconic works of art by creating her own viewpoint of familiar images to reflect her feminine personality.

Albert Scaglione and Autumn de Forest at a private event

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