The accidental collector: A VIP profile

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Park West VIP collector - Shelley Weston-2Shelley Weston went on a cruise, was captivated by a Duaiv painting, and before she knew it, she was a Park West Gallery VIP collector.

“I didn’t think I would like cruising, I thought I would hate it, then I found out I was gifted at it,” she chuckles. “I’ve been on seven or eight cruises in the past couple of years, and it’s been delightful.”

The art collecting started on a six-week Mediterranean cruise.

The retired school administrator said she wanted to bring home a few special items that reminded her of the trip. In Turkey, she bought a rug. “It was a trip of a lifetime, and I really wanted some pieces that would remind me of that trip.” Then one day on her way to the ship’s casino, she ran across Duaiv’s “Poppy Field” painting. “It just grabbed me,” she said.

“I think any art that you buy, it’s because it speaks to you,” she said. Over these years, she’s purchased artwork for each of her children, but recognizes that collecting art is a very personal experience.

“The Duaiv landscape I adore because it takes me right back to the Mediterranean,” she said.

“Collecting has really enriched my life because I’ve been able to learn about the different types of art and also learn about the different artists.” Shelley said she’s been inspired to add a little bit of painting to her own repertoire of hobbies.

Shelley’s artwork is carefully arranged in her sunlit Southern California condominium. From every vantage point – there is art. She’s grouped artists’ work together and is fortunate to have tall ceilings to accommodate the many works she’s collected. Before she hangs a piece, she lets it sit awhile in the place she thinks it might go – to see if that’s where it belongs. The view inside is as inspiring as the ocean view she enjoys from her kitchen windows.

Park West VIP collector - Shelley Weston-4

“I so enjoy learning about the artists,” she said. “Meeting the artists I think pulls you even closer to the art.”

“My experience with Park West has been great. They’re very helpful, and I feel like they really stand behind their artists and their work,” she said, adding that the auctioneers are delightful to work with.

Shelley’s taken advantage of Park West Gallery’s trade-up program, “I have three pieces that I traded to put toward a larger, more expensive piece, and that’s been phenomenal, also.”

“I think I have the most of Tarkay,” she said, giving a quick inventory of some of the artists whose works she’s collected, including Duaiv, Emile Bellet, Linda Le Kinff, Jean-Claude Picot, Peter Max, Csaba Markus and Wolfson.

“I’m running out of wall space,” she smiled.

Park West VIP collector - Shelley Weston-3

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  • sugal

    Park West Galleries has amazing paintings that are affordable and appeal to everyone..

  • Ellis Polin

    I am also a collector of many fine works by some great artist. One artist in particular is Yaakov Agan.

  • lee and Penny flory

    we have the same problem . running out of space ! we have Max, Bull , Gockel . Picot , Glenn,Tarkay,Nixon and Nano Lopez plus others frommostly cruise and one hotel event ! Park West has really opened our eyes to the great artists and soon to be great ! Thank You Park West Galleries !!!

  • Maxine Bigler

    I too agree with Shelley. I be came an avid VIP collector of ParkWest art. My wonderful collection has transformed my home. My journey began on the Norwegian Epic from Barcelona to Miami in 2012. Since then and on a Panama Canal cruise in October 2013 I have also acquired beautiful bronzes from Nano Lopez. Like Shelley I am a retired school administrator and am looking forward to my next cruise to Alaska in a few weeks and to having a grand time enjoying more ParkWest auctions on board. A grand salute ti ParkWest for the wonderful opportunities you present to us!

  • Maria Schneider

    That’s so funny, her story almost sounds like mine…I’m running out of wall space too! I also have shared at least 3 of my seriolithographs with my children…I have a variety, my husband loves Fanch…and we actually got 2 of his works of art on our last cruise. I have 2 Tarkay’s, some Picot’s, a couple of Krasyeneski’s…Not sure if I spelled that right…his older works of bridges and quaint towns…Do love my art work…so beautiful to look at!

  • Frank & Carol McElroy

    Sounds a lot like us – we have no wall space left but we still go to the art galleries on the ship. If we buy something. we come home and give one of the earlier purchases to our kids to make room for the new ones.

  • sharon Mckay

    I have that same Tarkay on my wall purchased on my last cruise I love having tea with the ladies

  • sharon Mckay

    This Tarkay was the first purchase of art made on a cruise. Park West followed through on all of their promises and I hope to purchase another.

  • Dan Freel

    My wife and I loved meeting Dauiv and his fabulous wife. He is an awesome and intriguing artist. We have collected Max. I feel like I met and shook hands with a living Master. It was like meeting the Beatles in the 60’s. There are rooms actually dedicated to specific artist. Tarkay in the living room, Markus Glen in the foyer,Nano and Thomas Kinkade in the study, Brito in the grand kids room, Autumn De Forest near the entrance to our bedroom. We have moved some of the art to our second home. My wife and I have been to two VIP Parkwest Invitations. The first was an Alaskan cruise, and the second was in Denver at the Ritz. Parkwest spares no expense in making sure that all your needs are taking care of. We love art, not for monetary value, but how it makes us feel. There is not a day that goes by that we don’t get to smile when we walk by the art we have collected.

  • Tracy

    I too have many pieces of art work collected from various cruises I have been on. The latest pieces are just arriving now. I am definitely running out of wall space!!

  • Paula Miller

    I have many of Tarkay’s works and a couple of others – those cruises cause so much excitement & my wall space is nil now. Still love to look!

  • William M

    Purchased 8 pieces in total on board awaiting the most recent 3 to be shipped. Can’t wait to hang Daniel Wall original. Thanks Park West

  • m. sindelar

    i bought 5 pieces on a recent cruise. i knew immediately i wanted an original. i saw a Milkin vase of flowers painting, its texture and detail enthralled me and i knew… i had to have it. thinking, this painting is surely more captivating than the actual vase of flowers was!

  • Bettie U and Doug H

    We love Park West Gallery for the great value of the art and for the great customer service they provide. Our first purchases were on a Panama Canal trip and since then each cruise yields more art to add to my collection. The VIP cruise to Alaska was amazing with the artists on board and cruising with us. What a grand time we had and what a decadent experience put on by Park West. You rock!!

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