These Artists Have Style! Test Your Knowledge with Our Art Style Quiz

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Park West Gallery artists work with a variety of mediums and techniques, but one thing is clear: They’ve all got style.

Whether it’s bringing the style of artistic masters into contemporary times or developing brand-new approaches of their own, Park West artists create in a variety of different styles. But just how well do you know your art styles? Can you actually tell the difference between Impressionism and Expressionism?

See if you’re a true art aficionado with our new quiz all about art styles!

1. Alexandre Renoir paints in a modern version of this style his great-grandfather, Pierre-Auguste Renoir, helped develop in the 19th century.

"Tuscan Sunset" (2018), Alexandre Renoir
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2. Yaacov Agam was a pioneer of the _______ art movement, which emphasizes movement and change.

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3. Romero Britto paints in a Neo-Cubist style, which combines elements of graffiti, Pop Art, and Cubism. Which of these artists helped create the Cubism that inspired Britto?

"No Place Like Home" (2017), Romero Britto
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4. Chris DeRubeis is the originator of Abstract Sensualism®. Which of these techniques does he use when creating art in this sleek style?

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5. Miami-based artist David “Lebo” Le Batard created his own colorful style that he calls _____________.

"See You on the Other Side" (2018), David "Lebo" Le Batard
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6. Dutch Golden Age artist Rembrandt van Rijn is famous for his paintings and etchings created in what style?

"David in Prayer" (1652), Rembrandt van Rijn
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7. Going beyond realism, Alexander Chen paints cityscapes and landscapes in this highly-detailed style.

"Park Avenue Winter" (2015), Alexander Chen
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8. Romain de Tirtoff, better known as “Erte,” popularized this style of art that is influenced by architecture, jewelry, fashion, and every-day items.

"Winter" (1975), Erte
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9. Daniel Wall paints in a vibrant style that emphasizes color, light, and texture. What does he call his unique style?

"Romantic Stroll" (2017), Daniel Wall
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10. Matt Beyrer always incorporates what into his visually stunning compositions?

"Sail into the Horizon" (2017), Matt Beyrer
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Art Style Quiz
Good job! We hope you had fun and learned something new about artistic styles. Feel free to share your results on Facebook and Twitter!

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