These Artists Have Style! Test Your Knowledge with Our Art Style Quiz

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Park West Gallery artists work with a variety of mediums and techniques, but one thing is clear: They’ve all got style.

Whether it’s bringing the style of artistic masters into contemporary times or developing brand-new approaches of their own, Park West artists create in a variety of different styles. But just how well do you know your art styles? Can you actually tell the difference between Impressionism and Expressionism?

See if you’re a true art aficionado with our new quiz all about art styles!

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Park West Gallery works with dozens of artists from around the world to bring our collectors the very best in fine art. Now in our 50th year, we want to make collecting art easier than ever for our clients.

One way we’re doing this is with our new Cruise Pre-Registration Portal—if you pre-register for the arts programming on an upcoming cruise, you’ll receive a free $50 bid credit when you arrive. It’s just our way of saying “thank you” for 50 amazing years.

To learn more about Park West artists, view our artist videos on our YouTube channel or keep up to date on the latest news by following us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

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