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An Unmatched Reputation for Our Expertise, Insight, and Variety

Park West Gallery’s reputation is earned by the expertise, insight, and variety of art that we offer our collectors and is unmatched within the art industry. After years of attending Park West auctions, our collectors feel like family to our art teams and gallery staff.

Park West Gallery collectors are among the most dedicated customers in the world. From sharing photos of their new artwork to telling stories about meeting their favorite Park West artists, our collectors can’t stop talking about their amazing Park West experiences! Discover some of our favorite Park West Gallery reviews below!



Cenen Patrick Comia‎

Many thanks to the Park West group onboard NCL-Breakaway...flags flying proudly in our Ireland home...pints are on us next time you all come to Cork...Fair Winds and Following Seas

Linda Hammill

Thank you Park West Gallery for ensuring our beautiful purchase of Csaba Markus 'Semper Anemus' arrived perfectly intact to our home in Australia. The painting is a beautiful edition to our home- pictured on a wall where we admire her every day. We have notice from you that our second Csaba is being framed! Another artwork to look forward to


New art work with Alexander Renoir #parkwestgallery #alexanderrenoir


#parkwestgallery is amazing! #michaelgodard is just as amazing. #laceyfaust

Pamela O.

Our first experience with Art on a cruise. It was a wonderful time, we learned a lot and we bought 7 pieces and we can’t wait to visit the gallery in Southfield Michigan. The staff were wonderful and it was fun meeting them and getting to know them. They were very helpful and knowledgeable. It opened our eyes to Art!

Candace G.

I purchased my first artwork on a recent Royal Caribbean cruise with Park West and it was a wonderful experience! The auctions were very fun and I love my 3 new paintings!

Angela K.

Every piece purchased from this gallery is priceless. Exquisite art by wonderful artists, expertly framed and promptly shipped.

Trista Maltby, Fine Art Consultant, at the Gallery is courteous and professional. She always responds promptly and goes the extra mile. Best customer service ever!

What a wonderful experience. I will continue to purchase from here until I run out of wall space. I can't thank you enough.

Christine Hogan

I would just like to let Park West Gallery that I have had the pleasure of dealing with the auctioneer Mr Henry Buss I was on the cruise ship Sun Princess in January 2018, when I came across Mr Buss setting up for one of his auctions. I found him and his team at the time (Rachel and Derek) to be very friendly and really knowing their artwork. I have never been into art, but Mr Buss has changed my outlook on it. Listening to him with the knowledge of the pieces of art got me immensely involved He also made each auction fun to be at. I was having a terrible cruise at the time (worst cruise I have been on), and the team from Park West turned it around for me with each day being greeted by friendly faces and a nice chat with Mr Buss. If I had not met Mr Henry Buss, I don't think I would have ever had an opportunity to get involved in art, and my cruise would have been doubly miserable. Mr Buss and his team are an asset to Park West Gallery

Brenda K.

I've been wanting to purchase a bronze sculpture of an owl created by Nano Lopez and I found the owl at Park West Galleries. The consultant I spoke with, Lisa Herschberger, went above and beyond what I would have expected. Lisa took the time to perform an in depth search for the "Nanimal" Owl and notified me the same day that she'd found it. A digital payment was easily made and shipping was arranged quickly. I appreciate the extra efforts that Lisa made on my behalf in finding the Samuel the Poet, my small owl. I've wanted this sculpture since first seeing a few years ago and I greatly appreciate her efforts.

My husband and I have been customers of Park West Gallery for a number of years and truly enjoy the pieces we gotten through them. I wouldn't think of shopping any where else for art purchases.

On our first day at sea of our cruise, @jiggersandshakers and I decided to check out an art auction, a first for both of us. On a mystery bid, we secured the option to purchase a piece we could not see at way below market price. We couldn't believe it when this painting was turned around. Needless to say, we opted to begin our art collection with this Slava Ilyayev, on our first wedding anniversary. And it finally arrived today. @norwegiancruiseline @parkwestgallery #parkwestgallery #art #artstagram


On our first day at sea of our cruise, @jiggersandshakers and I decided to check out an art auction, a first for both of us. On a mystery bid, we secured the option to purchase a piece we could not see at way below market price. We couldn't believe it when this painting was turned around. Needless to say, we opted to begin our art collection with this Slava Ilyayev, on our first wedding anniversary. And it finally arrived today. @parkwestgallery

My first original painting 😍 🌺 Thank you @jpierce2007 and @parkwestgallery ! #michaelmilken #fineart #originalpainting #parkwestgallery 👨🏼‍🎨:Michael Milken


My first original painting 😍 🌺 Thank you @jpierce2007 and @parkwestgallery!

Dan Murphy

We purchased an original art work by Ilyayev and put it on the wall over our master bed. We are really considering moving the pillows to the foot of the bed so we can enjoy our masterpiece! Thank you for an enjoyable experience. We also purchased a little "Betty Boop" for my mother and she is ecstatic about it. Your staff was great and a real pleasure to talk with. They were knowledgeable and accommodating! This will be a cruise that my wife and I will always remember!

Matthew Snyder

We had the most amazing experience both at sea and once we received our artwork. We were on the Royal Carribean’s Oasis of the Seas in January for our honeymoon. When we first arrived for the art auctions they were very helpful in explaining different artist and tier levels of artwork. Once we finally narrowed down some of our favorite artists we were ready to go. The first auction we got a mystery offer which they revealed later and they were three beautiful lithographs unframed. But the very next day we found the artist we loved Daniel Wall. Since we were a little tight on our budget they worked with us amazingly to change out the ones we had bid on the day prior and so we received 2 paintings that were exactly what we wanted. Fully framed and some touches of fresh paint from the artists and signed. And of course we grew close to the team so on the very last day they knew I had my eyes on another artist, Patrick Guyton. So when they find had some come up of course we had to bid on it and win. After getting home we received them well within the time frame and could not be happier with the artwork we received! Thank you for everything PWG these paintings will last forever and remind us of when of the best chapters in the start of our marriage!

Lazaro P.

I would like to share my experience with one of your employees while vacationing on the Norwegian Epic the week of March 17th through the 24th 2018.

It had been years since I had attended an Art Auction; I was on the Cruise with my son and he wanted to see what it was all about.

We ended up attending all three auctions and enjoyed ourselves more each time we went. The staff was very attentive and informative. Everyone did a really good job and worked well together.

The other guests that attended seemed to enjoy themselves as much as we did.

During the auctions we had the pleasure of meeting and spending a little time with Jason Bartlett. He was able to walk us through the artwork and give us some insight into the artist as well as the art; it is clear to me that he is passionate about more than just selling artwork, but also about introducing guests who may be unfamiliar with the art and artists on display to the world of art and getting them involved and interacting with it. He seemed to work the room really well and made himself available to everyone. He is the type of employee that all managers look for.

My son and I selected a few pieces at each event and finished with a good representation. We both greatly appreciated the attention that he gave to us, as well as the recommendations that he made about things we may also like, as it was clear that it wasn't just about making a sale but about ensuring that we would be well taken care of and that the artwork would be going to a home that would truly appreciate it.

I am writing to you now because we have begun to receive some of the works which we purchased on our vacation and I must say that I am happier today than on the day we made the purchases. Both my son and I really look forward to the days another piece arrives and are excitedly considering where we would like to place them.

My job is to direct, train and mentor sales people. Jason is a very good representative for your company.  It was apparent to me that he is a very sincere, caring individual who not only enjoys his job and working with fellow employees but also the people he comes into contact with. It is clear that he strives to create a good rapport both with employees and guests in order to create a warm, welcoming environment no matter ones experience with art or art auctions.

My son recently went on your website to look at some of the other artists. He noticed an article that he shared with me on Jason Bartlett from 2017. The article referenced his helping a woman in distress in the water. Neither of us were surprised with what we read; it just reaffirmed what we already believed about his character.

Again everyone on your staff represented well, we believe he just stood out. It really was a pleasure and we look forward to our future dealings with your gallery as we fully expect we will continue to receive the same stellar service.


Dan and I went to an Art Seminar on the cruise where I found I was quite interested in Artwork and the different forms of Art people produce. We attended a few art auctions on the ship where we ended up purchasing some pieces. Here are 2 of them by #michaelcheval
Hard to see the detail in this photo but the work that goes into them is incredible. Both pieces are so unique and just really drew me to them.
#imagineII #discordofanalogy #art #artwork#parkwestgallery


This man is a humble genius. Patrick Guyton. It was truly an honor to be able to spend some good quality time with him and Duaìv this weekend. What a lifetime experience for the kiddos, meeting living legendary artists!!! #patrickguyton #guyton#parkwestgallery

The first one out of the box is a #TimYanke #dragonfly #kineticart. The framing job from #ParkWestGallery is just wow.


Loving our Lighthouse and Mini Burst Red paintings on metal by Chris DeRubeis through Park West Gallery! Thank you to DeRubeis for the fine work and Park West for excellent service with our purchases. @dlortiz12 @derubeisfineart #chrisderubeis @parkwestgallery #parkwestgallery

#ParkWestGallery Sam is thrilled to be reunited with the #PatrickGuyton art we chose on the #celebritymillennium and #norwegianstar.


Thanks @parkwestgallery for these beautiful Daniel Wall and Shan Merry pieces #parkwestgallery #art #love#forgottopost #thanks #danielwall#shanmerry

Fell in love with this piece the moment I saw it. keep shining! thank you for inviting us to another spectacular event!

look what just arrived and it's up on the wall.... It's Lovely... so excited this makes us smile.

When you find the perfect location for your thanks to . Loves these .

Lilli "Lilli B" B.

Took a cruise on Royal Caribbean's Enchantment of the Seas last year before Thanksgiving. Bought a Britto and an original Ilyayev and some Warner Brother's Looney Tunes posters for my daughter. The pieces have all arrived perfectly framed and packaged all within the time described at purchase. Peter and the staff on the cruise made the auction experience fun and did not pressure me to buy anything. He worked within my budget and made sure I was happy with buying what I liked and focusing on quality instead of quantity. I've noticed most of the bad reviews came from Carnival patrons and wonder if there are training issues with regards to processing orders. I have had a great experience and appreciate the variety of art that is available with Park West Gallery and would consider buying from them again.

Thumbs-up: Michael ’s did not disappoint. Appears better in person. Quite substantial in size for the mini versions they are. Many thanks to Abigail w/ onboard Dawn at NOV-12 sailing. All around, a standout and true professional 🙂

Really enjoyed meeting Tim at the VIP event in Asheville and cannot wait to get our Statute of Liberty. Really appreciate him recognizing the veterans there (USAF 1965-1971) with this flag. Looking forward to the next event.

here's hanging up & the Krasnyansky which arrived today, its amazing what you can buy at sea

Just got some new pieces hung from . LOVE THEM!

Had a great time meeting Thanks again for a fun trip ! Thanks

Just received my newest piece. The colors are just amazing.

Tammy H.

Just received the three art pieces we purchased. Could not be happier! BEAUTIFUL, great quality !!! Already looking forward to our future purchases. The buying process in whole was very pleasant. Framing workmanship is great. Artwork is amazing !

Linda Owens

Love Park West.. we have always had the best experience with them. We are fairly new to collecting and have been treated like family.. each piece we have gotten has been gorgeous.. you can’t go wrong with Park West Gallery..❤️

Brian R

Season's Greetings,
My name is Brian R. and I wanted to take a moment to recognize the amazing Park West Art sales team from my cruise. I have attended and purchased at multiple cruise based Park West auctions, but feel this team needs some great praise for their teamwork and effort.

First and foremost Kyle was a great auctioneer and team lead. His ability to blend his knowledge of art and stories of the aritist along with the well timed laugh to allow his team time to set up the next panel was superb. Additionally Kyle made it easy for the new folks at the auction to understand the process, rules, and acronyms.

Andrea was very kind with her time and willing to explain the artwork as well as our options as a buyer. Fabian was an amazingly hard worker and very well organized. I am convinced he has all of the artwork IDs memorized (CP ...). Last but not least Dale was obviously the jack of all trades for the team and willing to support as well as keep up with all the bidder card numbers called out.

Again I want to say thank you to this whole team for making this cruise and my new parting gifts (my first Max!!!!) a fun and yet educational time. GREAT JOB!!!!

Carl Hickman

My wife and I came across Park West while on a few of our cruises in the past, but we never really saw a piece that we wanted or we didn't have the ability to complete a purchase. This past August, we took a 7 day cruise on Carnival. We did see a particular style of painting that caused my wife to become emotionally connected. The artist's name was Pino. My wife and I related to the parental/family closeness that is expressed in the Pino paintings. I knew that we had to purchase one or more Pino pieces.

At first, the Park West representatives seemed pleasant and knowledgeable, but I was on the lookout for the typical salesmanship that you would associate with a car salesman. After spending many hours talking to the representatives, they could see how my wife was attached to the Pino paintings. I thought it was then that they would pounce on the sales opportunity. Aside from the representatives really just doing their jobs, they really were not pushy or full of any sales tricks. It was more like they were being informative and the prices were what the prices were. If we wanted to complete a sale, the option was ours.

Over the course of 4 days, my wife and I purchased 4 Pino paintings and I was very concerned about completing the sales process. During the course of the experience, I learned much about the different mediums that the paintings are produced on, the edition numbering systems, embellishments and the overall value of different artworks. We couldn't wait for our paintings to be delivered fast enough. We were promised delivery of the four pieces within 8 to 12 weeks.

As soon as I arrived home, I wanted to do some research on the artist, the values of the paintings and on Park West in general. I was pleased by what I saw regarding the artist and I was pleased about what we had paid for the 4 paintings. I was hesitant and a bit cautious when I read prior posts about Park West. Initially I felt a bit of buyer's remorse, but then I looked at some of the posts and reflected on what I do for a living. In my line of work, I can never make everyone happy and there is always someone who will complain about something. The more I read the posts, I realized people need to be better educated before they make a purchase and they need to be educated about artwork after their purchase. For example: One should be sure to compare apples to apples. You will find in your online research what you think is the exact artwork that you purchased. A piece that is cheaper than what you paid, but is it the same? Is it on the same material? Is it hand-embellished by the artist? Is it signed by the artist? What are the edition numbers? Is it the same size? Does the online price include shipping, tax and/or framing? Things to consider during the comparison. The more I read, I understood that people were not comparing apples to apples. I decided to trust Park West with my fingers crossed. I even contacted Pino's son who sent me books on his father's work at no cost.

At about week 6, our first of 4 paintings arrived and over the next 5 weeks, all of the paintings arrived without any damage. The paintings were as beautiful as when we first laid eyes on them. I was calling Park West every week for delivery status and I was in constant contact with their representative named Brianna Lee who was very helpful and pleasant to talk with. I never felt like I was getting brushed off. With each call I was informed of the paintings status and when I should expect delivery. All paintings arrived within the 12 week period and there were no problems whatsoever.

My wife and I can't wait to get the paintings on our walls. For any naysayers, I can repeat that my wife and I have been very pleased with Park West and we would not hesitate to make another purchase. I am a real person who would recommend that potential buyers become educated before and after their purchase. Regarding the cost of artwork. The artwork is only as valuable as you make it. If the piece moves you and you can afford it, buy it and enjoy it!

Rhonda Dr non

Our latest experience with Park West Gallery was extremely satisfying. We have purchased many pieces from Park West in the past. This time, we wanted something for above our mantle. We ordered a Csaba Markus, and I must say, it is absolutely stunning! The embellishment is just as we had asked for, (certain colors). The framing is beautiful and compliments the picture as well. We were very surprised when it arrived approximately 3-4 weeks before we expected it. A real plus!!!!

Our sales consultant, (Mike), was extremely helpful with the decision making. The sale price on the piece that we got was a very good price. Very happy with our purchase!!!!

Thank You Mike & Park West.

Tom Thornhill

We have just received our 2 wonderful pieces of artwork. We were told it could be 12 weeks before they arrive, but have only had to wait 6 weeks!

The paintings are stunning and just as expected, both in perfect framing and packaged extremely well. We ordered these whilst onboard a RC cruise and the PWG staff onboard were a pleasure.

We recieved an email stating that the paintings were out for delivery and 4 days later they were at our door in the U.K.

From our experience we can not fault PWG or the delivery/shipping company they use!
We look forward to using PWG again and adding to our collection.

Melissa Messersmith

I am very satisfied with the Romero Brittos I purchased on my RC cruise. They came fairly quickly and were well packaged.

Jessi Salsbury

We were on a cruise in February 2017. We checked out the Park West Gallery on the ship and between the awesome works of art and awesome people, we keep coming back! They were so warm and welcoming and definitely know their stuff! We are Definitely coming back for more! ☺️

Harrison Beasley

I have been a Park West collector for more than 20 years, having purchased 90+ paintings. The auctions are always fun, and the prices are very good. Recently, I needed to make a change to a purchase from a cruise. PWG personnel were outstanding in their support and the results were phenomenal. My 20 paintings from this cruise were beautifully framed, vibrant colors, and have greatly enhanced my collection. Hope to have many more years of collecting and interacting with Park West.

D Vernon

Over the years, I have purchased many pieces of art from Park West. I find the art to be good quality and have never worried about its authenticity. The Park West staff - both sales and at its facility - are very helpful and work hard to make sure I'm satisfied. One employee in particular is Yoan Lopez. He is exceptionally helpful. Yoan has great follow up skills (an attribute that seems to be deficient nowadays). His responses to my questions are prompt and thorough! Thanks Yoan, I appreciate you taking such good care of me!

Tasmania, Australia

Before we went on the cruise, we did not know anything about art auctions, having never attended one. After going to 5 auctions and quite a few seminars, we are now well versed in the knowledge about different artists from around the world. However, this would not be possible without Mr. Divan Van Zyl – the Art Director of Park West Gallery on board the Voyager and his wonderful team of people. He does such an incredible and amazing job of delivering the information about each and every painting and its creator. Divan is so dedicated to Park West Gallery and his knowledge is amazing about each picture. He is passionate about this subject area and is a real pleasure to listen to when attending the auctions and the seminars. Dealing with the team, and especially Divan, was one of the major highlights of our cruise. It is also wonderful to know that Park West Foundation supports young people in need.


I just wanted to take a moment to thank Park West Gallery, we bought our first art piece in 2004 on a family cruise. We continued to purchase several pieces over the years. In 2015 we were invited to a land event close to home. We had a wonderful time, when the invite came in for the cruise we were excited. Your staff was excellent. The cruise was great, we met some great people and became friends with others by the end of the cruise. Meeting four great artists was a real treat. We bought several pieces. We just received the last piece from that order.

After hanging the artwork they all look fantastic. I have noticed over the years how great a job your company does with the framing of your artwork, several early pieces we framed at a local shop do not compare in quality or looks. Again thanks so much.


We are so very pleased with the piece of art work that we purchased from Park West Gallery. We were told to expect the art work to be delivered in 8 – 12 weeks. We received a message after three weeks informing that our piece would be delivered by the end of the week. Since we would be out of town the week the piece was scheduled for delivery, we called FedX and had the work rerouted to a FedX pick up center. Upon our return, we picked up our picture, took it home, removed it from the packing box and were very pleased with our purchase. Our Fine Arts Consultant, Trista was very knowledgeable and very helpful. We would certainly buy other art pieces from Park West Gallery.

So much fun on the Equinox! Thank for the great time!

Posted by Adele Levy Lewis on Sunday, June 11, 2017

Thanks to Liam and his team Chante , Casey , Shaowell, and Ilse for making our cruise exciting . They are a dynamic...

Posted by Jeff Pasler on Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Thanks Park West my art has arrived

Posted by Carlin Williams on Thursday, July 6, 2017

Sitting here looking at my livingroom/ thank you Park West Gallery for all the years we have been buying and JUST now got up on wall, started 20+years ago and have twice this many not framed.

Posted by Martha Madeline Walters on Sunday, July 23, 2017

Just received our Joan Miro a couple days ago have got it onto the wall! Purchased it on the NCL Breakaway and it is a...

Posted by Neil Shapiro on Wednesday, July 26, 2017

My latest LEBO, love seeing it on my wall, thank youPark West Gallery

Posted by Emily Vallance on Thursday, July 27, 2017

My wife and I just returned home from our first VIP weekend in New Orleans, Louisiana. We would like to extend a heart...

Posted by Douglas Stelly on Sunday, July 30, 2017

My wife and I just returned from New Orleans and our first ever cruise. Huge kudos to Pravan, Tamara, Alan and the rest...

Posted by Tim Tindall on Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Angelo and I had a wonderful time at our first VIP Auction in Indy. Being able to meet Michael Godard and Vincent Spahn...

Posted by Kathy Collins Nocera on Tuesday, September 12, 2017

What a great experience on board the Anthem of the Seas VIP cruise. Met such amazing atrists, made some amazing friends...

Posted by Tamra Bowman-Thein on Saturday, October 7, 2017