Good Morning,

My Wife and I received an invitation to your VIP cruise on the NCL Escape in January of 2017.

I just wanted to take a moment to thank Park West Gallery, we bought our first art piece in 2004 on a family cruise. We continued to purchase several pieces over the years. In 2015 we were invited to a land event close to home. We had a wonderful time, when the invite came in for the cruise we were excited. Your staff was excellent. The cruise was great, we met some great people and became friends with others by the end of the cruise. Meeting four great artists was a real treat. We bought several pieces. We just received the last piece from that order.

After hanging the artwork they all look fantastic. I have noticed over the years how great a job your company does with the framing of your artwork, several early pieces we framed at a local shop do not compare in quality or looks. Again thanks so much.

Don & Laurie Hill

Don and Laurie Hill

Today I received my framed art from Park West. The artist Tim Yanke Big Thunder absolutely beautiful.



Dear Mr. and Mrs. Scaglione,


My delight cannot be contained! I must write to you — or burst! I sailed on the Norwegian Epic from 23 December to 30 December 2016. I have attended many of your auctions on 6 different cruise lines. I always loved going to the auctions, especially to learn about the artists and to view such a vast variety of art!

Through the years I had never seen a piece which I would like to own — regardless of the piece! THIS TIME WAS DIFFERENT!!

The second piece offered made me sit up and take notice! The price was a bit steep for me, almost $900.00. To my delight, no one placed a bid on it! At the end of the auction I inquired about the piece. I just simply could not resist! I purchased it on the spot. The artist is new to your gallery — which did not surprise me at all. He is Slava Ilyayev, and the work I purchased is called “A Little Stroll.” I could hardly wait for it to arrive at my home!

Well, arrive it did — and I was amazed at the care which was taken to ship it! The weight was 34 pounds — and it was packaged as though it were pure gold!! Well, to me — it is!! It brightens the entire center of my home — and I smile EVERY time I walk by it. I enclosed several pictures to give you an idea of its new home.

THANK YOU, and your organization, for giving me and my home such a lift!

Sincerely yours,

Adella B. Latus

Adella Latus

We have just returned from another wonderful cruise aboard the Celebrity Silhouette (February 12th).  Our favorite active on board is to attend the Park West auctions and as always we were not disappointed with our experience.  What made the auctions so special and so enjoyable for us was not only the artwork presented  but the Park West team that worked the auctions. This time we had the pleasure of dealing with Andries Schoeman and Andre’ Mostert.  Mr. Schoeman was outstanding in his knowledge of the pieces displayed and we even attended a wonderful lecture he gave on several of the artists you represent.  Both Mr. Schoeman and Mr. Mostert were professional, polite, and knowledgeable.  They listened to our likes and dislikes and presented us with many wonderful pieces to choose from.  As a result we purchased several pieces to add to our collection.  We thank Park West and especially Mr. Schoeman and Mr. Mostert for a memorable experience.  We look forward to our next auction and hope we will have the pleasure of working with this team once again.


David/Joni Shepperd

Stuart, Florida

David and Joni Shepperd


My name is Glynis Martin.  I live in Tasmania, Australia.  I have just returned home from a Royal Caribbean cruise – The Voyager of the Seas.  My husband, Cedric, and I just wanted to give you some positive feedback about your auctions on the ship.

Before we went on the cruise, we did not know anything about art auctions, having never attended one.  After going to 5 auctions and quite a few seminars, we are now well versed in the knowledge about different artists from around the world.  However, this would not be possible without Mr. Divan Van Zyl – the Art Director of Park West Gallery on board the Voyager and his wonderful team of people.  He does such an incredible and amazing job of delivering the information about each and every painting and its creator.  Divan is so dedicated to Park West Gallery and his knowledge is amazing about each picture.  He is passionate about this subject area and is a real pleasure to listen to when attending the auctions and the seminars.

He makes the auctions entertaining, but keeps everything in perspective in regards to price, time, and the presentation along with any of the video presentations are brilliant.

We came away from the cruise feeling very happy and confident about having learnt about many different painters.  We ended up spending approximately $10,000.00 AUD buying paintings from your company.

We love the auctions and want to reiterate the fact that Divan is an incredible auctioneer and is an asset to your company, as are the rest of the team.  It is a real team effort at the auctions and at the after auction meetings.

They all work incredibly long hours and very hard for Park West Gallery.

I hope that you can congratulate Divan and his team aboard the Voyager at a time convenient to you.  In the end we were arranging our onboard activities around the auctions, that is how excited we got about the auctions.  Even our 14 and 16 year old children got involved and terribly excited about them.

Divan also showed a devotion to ensuring that all his customers received the utmost in customer service when closing the various sales in accordance Park West’s pricings.

Dealing with the team, and especially Divan, was one of the major highlights of our cruise.

It is also wonderful to know that Park West Foundation supports young people in need.



Glynis Martin

Glynis an Cedric Martin

Tasmania, Australia

We purchased three art pieces during a cruise on the Sea Princess. They arrive here in Australia within the specified time. The pieces were not in the frames we requested. Upon advising Park West of this they resolved the matter promptly to our satisfaction. All up, the art pieces, service, delivery and packaging were excellent. Well done Park West and thank you.

Gai and Gordon Crabtree


I hope this e-mail will get to the right place.  I am in receipt of a beautifully framed work of art from Slava Ilyayev and I couldn’t be happier!  If it wasn’t for Lucy, it wouldn’t have happened.  I had been looking at this artist for three cruises.  I was afraid of too much color and we talked it through.  Then the usual frames would not work with my decor and Lucy found something that was perfect!   I also won a raffled piece. “It Gets Better” was my choice and I decided to have Park West Gallery frame that also, after Lucy found a beachy frame instead of the heavier gold frames that would not work for me.  Both pieces arrived in perfect condition – so well packaged!

The whole experience was SO MUCH FUN! Thank you Lucy and thank you Park West Gallery!

Susan Bailey

Just a quick note of sincere thanks for this weekend in NY.
First, our compliments to everyone on your staff, particularly Arturo, Auctioneer extraordinaire, oblivious Art lover (and rare individual – this comes from 2 lifetime world traveled NYC folks where we see it and call it straight up).
We look forward to purchasing additional works through Park West Gallery in the future.
Our Peter Max Sculpture (Aug 2016) blesses our home every day. Thanking him personally, albeit for a moment, completed our appreciation for his contributions to our world, humanity, and home. We are truly grateful for this opportunity.
As we close on our new house, we look forward to enjoying our recent acquisitions (Jan 2017) from this weekend with a lifetime of inspiration.
Outstanding call on representing Daniel Wall – well done.
“Sherlock” holds a special place beside our private hearth, and we save it for his presence, hopefully in the near future.
Again, our highest compliments to you and everyone at Park West Gallery!
With sincerest compliments to all, and best wishes for success to you Cole personally, to Arturo, and to everyone at Park West Gallery.
Thank you,

Jill Sen

I just called your 877 customer service number and had the good fortune of having Jessica answer. I called yesterday and didn’t get any information, so I called back this morning.  I had an issue with a missing poster and when she mentioned your policy… I LOST IT.  But, to her credit she did not.  She was amazing at keeping my temper at bay.  She is excellent on the phones and with handling my frustration.  She is the only bright spot in this debacle.

Please compliment her for me.

Diane Cieslak

Dear Mr. and Mrs. Scaglione:

Wishing you and your family of artists an inspirational new year. I’ve been remiss in not ending my heartfelt thanks for the opportunity to collect beautiful thought-provoking works of art at your VIP events. My husband and I have been privileged to add wonderful pieces from Marko Mavrovich – a truly generous and exceptional man, and Csaba Markus – unique and perceptive. Tim Yanke’s lenticular dragonflies in Series 2 and 3 adorn not only my dining room, but also my daughter’s bedroom. The beautiful gold on red by Anatole Krasnyansky framed in black pops on the wall above my husband’s chaise. His view is of a Simon Bull “California Sunrise,” “Poppy Garden,” and DeRubeis’ “Light House” and “Mini Bursts” from this year’s Four Seasons Seattle and Salishan events.

Meeting Scott Jacobs was a treat for my Harley riding husband and his “Panhandle” resides in the rec-room and my 12-year-old granddaughter has spoken for it. It was an honor meeting Linda Le Kinff. She is the favorite artist of a childhood friend and, as my guest, when I was yours, got to dine with her and joined me for a picture with her and my two art pieces. “Egaltine” and “Au Beaux Jours” were chosen to one day be hanging on the walls, when they get their own, of two of my daughters.

My daughter, who has walls, fills them with Slave Brodinski’s “Sailing Boats,” a Tim Yanke “Sunrise Spring” dragonfly, and Michael Milken’s “Sun Flowers Bouquet” serigraph.

Your gallery, through its cruise and VIP events, have excited my son’s interest in art and, as of yesterday, Simon Bull’s “On A Clear Day” hangs nest to Ward’s watercolor of a shack on stilts over water. The colors compliment beautifully. He also is delighted about the gifts I have made to him of Bull’s “Whisper” and “Artist’s Choice” and Marko’s museum worthy “Good Poppy Feeling.” Even my 90-year-old aunt, who has had to move from her rural home to an apartment, is so enjoying the magic of Pat McManus’s “Elegant Vagabond,” just in time to bring the out-of-doors in on these snowy winter days.

Bull’s “Sugar” is a sweet addition to a corner in the dining room along with Marko’s silver framed pencil “Poppy Surprise.”

I have designed the children’s room around LEBO’s “Saint Blaze” which reminds me of the chalkboard in my Lowden Grade School (it’s now L’Ecole Winery) two-room school house where I learned to read and write and draw. Michael Godard’s huge “Blue Series” baseball olive hits a memory trigger of when I was the only girl on the 6th grade baseball team (not enough boys) and cheering my husband on when he played college ball. It awaits my grandson’s claim on it. So far Godard’s “Red Wine on Black” and DeRubeis’ “Red Splash” are in my granddaughter’s bedroom waiting for a modern adult space. Now she lives with and love’s Bull’s “Jan’s Garden” and “You Make Me Feel Like Dancing” in her room at her 93-year-old great-grandmother’s home in Walla Walla.

I am looking forward to receiving “Sally” by Nano Lopez to give to my daughter to remind her of the alley cat who adopted her during her volunteer years and who she had to leave behind. Also anticipated are Marko’s “The Blue Portfolio” each in a home. My children are lined up to choose the one that evokes a place of memory for them. Romero Britto’s “With Love” from the Salishan events where I was given the unbelievable opportunity to meet the artists who bring beauty into the world and my little corner of it. A special thank you to Marko Mavrovich, Csaba Markus, Simon Bull, Linda Le Kinff, Chris DeRubeis, David Le Batard, Pat McManus, Michael Godard, Romero Britto, Scott Jacobs and Peter Max for the generosity of their time to be with us and show their unique perspectives and talents which you have made available to us.

Wishing you all a blessed and bountiful 2017. Also, huge thanks to Maria Nepomuceno for all of her invaluable help with the framing choices and for her warmth and sense of humor.



Katherine Lasch

We are so very pleased with the piece of art work that we purchased from Park West Gallery. We were told to expect the art work to be delivered in 8 – 12 weeks. We received a message after three weeks informing that our piece would be delivered by the end of the week. Since we would be out of town the week the piece was scheduled for delivery, we called FedX and had the work rerouted to a FedX pick up center. Upon our return, we picked up our picture, took it home, removed it from the packing box and were very pleased with our purchase. Our Fine Arts Consultant, Trista was very knowledgeable and very helpful. We would certainly buy other art pieces from Park West Gallery.

Cheryl H.



Recently, my wife and I took a cruise on the Carnival Vista from Barcelona to New York. We just want to say what a delightful experience we had at the art auctions conducted by auctioneer Lloyd Flay, his assistant Maggie and their staff. We’ve been on many Carnival cruises with Park West auctions, but the ones done by Lloyd and Maggie were the best! They are a marvelous team and a great credit to Park West. We even wound up buying two pieces of art. Someday, we hope to meet up with Lloyd and Maggie again.


Alan G. Roeckel

My wife and I received our Michael Milkin painting last February from our Princess cruise.
Thought you would like to see how much we love it.

Tim Roach

2211 N Shannon Way Mesa Arizona 85215

Dear Park West Client Services,

On Friday, October 14, 2016 my husband and I came to the Park West Miami Lakes location to drop off 3 pieces of artwork. Ms. Maria Nepomuceno greeted us in the lobby, and personally helped us carry in the art. She then carefully inspected each piece and gave me paperwork to verify that she had taken delivery of the artwork. I then inquired about a piece of art that customer service had told me was in the warehouse waiting to be framed. She took us to her office and helped us with the framing design and details and then showed us on her computer how the final product would look once framed. She assured us that she would personally inspect the framed art and have it shipped out.
The personal attention that Ms. Nepomuceno provided us was phenomenal!  She took time out of her very busy day to provide us with excellent customer service. She was patient, kind and it was obvious that she loves her job and takes great pride in offering superior individualized service. I feel that Ms. Nepomuceno is a great asset to Park West and such dedication should be recognized. Park West is very fortunate to have Ms. Nepomuceno as an employee. I look forward to working with her in the future when I buy other pieces of art work at the next VIP event.


Sima Weber

Hi John,

We wanted you to know that we are getting A-1 VIP support post-sale from Simon Lindner and his wonderful contact Laura Maki in VIP Client Services.

We are getting the frames we want and the delivery timing we need because both Simon and Laura really stepped up with personal service.


Lisa and Stephen McLennan

Hello Colleen,

I just wanted to say how amazing Rodney was in assisting me today.  He truly showed what effective customer service is.  He was patient, conscious and handled my concerns with care and respect.  He saved my sale and saved my experience with Park West.  He deserves recognition for his outstanding work.


Art Jackson

Thank you for a FANTASTIC weekend at the Ritz Carlton!  The professionalism, expertise and friendly demeanor of ALL the people in your employ at the event was outstanding!  I especially enjoyed meeting AND speaking with the artists, Peter Max, Tim Yanke and Simon Bull.  It was with pleasure that I purchased pieces of art from Peter Max and Simon Bull to add to my collection.   Accommodations and all the special meals were truly the best.  Thank you for this collecting opportunity and for enriching my life.  Please extend these accolades to all, especially Albert Scallione, the Founder of this prestigious company.

Best regards,

Maryann Stazko

Hi, Albert and Mitsie. We’re the Loves, Hill and Carol. My darling bride of 42 years and I have been very happy and proud members of the Park West Gallery family for over 18 years now! Best we can tell from our records, we made our first purchase from PWG on April 10th, 1998 while aboard the Celebrity Zenith. Among our purchases that day was “Endless Summer” (108/500) by the Hanna-Barbera Studios. That wonderful piece of animation art still hangs happily and prominently in our home. Over the years by way of cruises and VIP land events we’ve been fortunate enough to have been invited to, we’ve amassed 50+ pieces of art from PWG – ALL of which remain near and dear to us. And not just because of the artwork itself. The entire PWG sales experience – on land and at sea – wraps itself around its family of buyers in a way that all at once feels quite soothing and exhilarating at the same time. It’s a unique and continually-wonderful experience for those of us that have been fortunate enough to have been wrapped up in it so many times.

So why am I writing to you now, after 18 years of happiness with many facets (much like a diamond!) of PWG? Quite simply because my wife and I cannot stand idly by any longer while trying to turn our cheeks to the anecdotal naysayers and ne’er-do-wells on ships and especially on the Internet that almost corruptly hide behind the walls of anonymity while savagely impugning the good name, reputation and yes, even the integrity of Park West Gallery. To be sure, some – as in a small percentage of the “hate mail” is based on legitimacy and fact. Mistakes, miscommunications, errors and even outright screw-ups do happen, just as surely as all of them happens at different points in time to PWG. Even so, I am convinced that the seemingly-continual uproar of dissatisfaction with PWG originates from less than sincere malcontents that are unwilling to accept legitimate acts of contrition and compromise from PWG, instead of opting for the “my way or the highway” version of “diplomacy.” So much for decency, much less the “truth, justice and the American Way.”

Differences of opinion do exist, but to those of you that are quick to use such terms as “slip-shod,” “greedy,” “uncaring” and “negligent,” Carol and I have a much, much different story to tell the world. Albert, Mitsie, we humbly encourage you to use any/all of this letter and attachments to enhance PWG’s reputation, impugned by too many hollow criticisms.

In our 18+ years as part of the PWG family, we’ve purchased at forty plus (40+) artworks, of which at least thirty-five (35) of which were sent to us in frames. We have another 10 – 12 pieces of art that we were given as promotional pieces and/or that we won as part of the PWG contests and drawings. Only once in all of those years has a frame arrived with any damage of any kind. PWG’s response? Customer Care (not Customer Service, Customer CAREimmediately apologized for our inconvenience, sent us a brand new frame and new matting and backing, and $100 to have the artwork professionally transferred to the new frame. And all we asked fro was a replacement of the one piece of the original frame that was damaged.

Earlier this year, FedEx delivered a piece of art in a box that literally appeared as if it was in a commercial where a gorilla or some other very large and mad creature had intentionally tried very hard to destroy it.  The FedEx driver has become a friend of mine, in large part to the large number of PWG art he’s delivered to us over the years. He told me that even though it was strictly against FedEx policy to let customers open packages before signing for them, he could not in good conscience let me sign for a package in such poor condition without thoroughly examining the artwork first. I almost became physically ill looking at the package because I knew that inside it contained by beloved “Annecy Park” by Sam Park. I very reluctantly opened the package . . . and discovered a perfectly-intact piece of art. So much for “slip-shod” PWG packers in Miami Lakes.

Beginning last year, our insurance company (USAA) suddenly began taking a very keen interest in the minutia of the frames surrounding our artworks. That presented what was a seemingly major problem because none of that detail is contained in PWG’s standard appraisals. Major problem? More like “No Problem” because another wonderful PWG family member, Virginia Freyre. She was excited – literally excited – to help us obtain the framing details of some of our recent art purchases. And she consistently provided us with those details overnight. And no, she never asked us to pay a dime for her help. So much for those falsely claiming of being continually transferred to yet another uncaring employee just looking for a paycheck. Uh-huh, sure.

Also, last year USAA decided to increase their scrutiny of our PWG artworks collection by questioning the (sometimes) 300+% difference in between the purchase price of a given piece of art and the appraised value provided after-the-fact by PWG. I asked them point-blank if they were now – as a matter of policy – refusing to accept PWG appraisals at face value. I was told that if the purchase price was less than the appraised price and the appraisal was less than 5 years old, they would only insure those artworks at their respective purchase prices. That in spite of the fact that USAA had been habitually insuring our PWG artworks at their respective PWG appraised values, I turned to PWG for help and quickly discovered the very wonderful, friendly and extremely detail-oriented Joni Dewan. After I appraised her of the situation, she essentially (and maybe literally) brought USAA to their collective knees by pointing out that although the title of those documents is “Appraisal,” the heart of those documents is the phrase “retail replacement price.” When confronted with that statement of fact, USAA “elected” to retreat entirely from its “purchase price only” position, reverting back to the PWG appraisals “retail replacement prices” as the standard for insurability. Ans no, she didn’t charge us a dime, either, for her help. Another uncaring, unsympathetic, too-busy-to-help PWG employee? Nope, not this time either.

Carol and I know that the Art Directors aboard ship and at the local VIP events (which we LOVE! 😉 are very skilled and likely highly-trained in both the art and science leading (and sometimes carrying 😉 prospective buyers to their nirvana coves of coveted art. That’s their job, and it’s honorable. They’re also unquestionably taught and encourage to be very friendly with their customers. Maybe so, even so, nobody taught the incomparable Rob Ducat and Jason Betteridge to be absolute, no-holds-barred masters at their craft. Forget “smoozing,” “cajoling,” “intimidating” and the like. Those two gentleman are consummate professionals that Carol and I are proud – yes, proud, to be associated with. But wait, there’s more! Other Art Directors of positive note with us include Jessie Van Rooyen (she’s a hoot!) Willem Greeff (he even helped us with art questions long after our cruise with him ended!) and Melissa Warren (a woman well worth listening to!) There are, of course, as sooooo many wonderful ADs. Our next cruise (our 38th! 😉 begins aboard the Carnival Freedom from Galveston, TX on Saturday, November 5th. We can’t wait for our next set of PWG auctions!

Thanks, Albert. Thanks, Mitsie. And our heartfelt thanks to you, too, Marc, Albert Molina, Nicky, John, Colleen, Morris, Donna, Charlie, Luis, Lisa and Maureen for your combined leadership in propelling Park West Gallery into a sun shining so brightly that you have to wear sunglasses even when you’re inside! 😉

With our devotion and respect,

Hill and Carol Love


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