Hi Nick,

Brenda and I are now unpacked and mostly “organized” after returning from the cruise on Saturday afternoon.  We looked for you on Friday evening and again on Saturday morning because we wanted to thank you for the lovely bottle of Champagne which you sent to our cabin.  We were both very touched by your thoughtfulness and generosity – especially with your graciousness in adding 2 terrific paintings to our acquisitions.  We have rarely been treated with such kindness!

We also wanted to thank you and Jessica and your entire team for the incredible experience you provided for us on the Star Princess.  You made this cruise the most memorable of all for us!  Please pass along our most sincere gratitude to each member of your team.

Nick, you inspired us to explore and enjoy the many emotions that art can evoke.  We learned a great deal from you and are committed to furthering our knowledge and appreciation of the many artists whose works we viewed, as well as the multitude of others who we have yet not discovered.  Thank you for introducing us to a new world of beauty.  It was a wonderful awakening.

If you (or any of your team members) are ever in the Vancouver area and have a few hours to fill, we’d love to see you and possibly give you a brief tour of our tiny “condo gallery”!!!  We’ve already made plans as to how we can display and enjoy all (or at least most) of the pieces we purchased!  We can hardly wait for the shipment!  Keep in touch!

Harold and Brenda (Golden)

Harold and Brenda Golden

I am writing to tell you of the outstanding art experience that my wife, Cathy, and I have just had aboard the Maiden Voyage of the new Majestic Princess between 31 March and 9 April 2017.

We had the pleasure of meeting you and Mitsie aboard the Island Princess during a VIP Connoisseur Cruise to the Mediterranean in August/September 2015. That was an extremely special event that Cathy and I will continue to remember with the greatest of pleasure, but I think it safe to say that our experience on the Majestic Princess was perhaps even better. We were royally hosted by the onboard Art Director, Dylan Cawood, and his wife, Jane, who I understand you specifically selected for this role on the new ship. What an inspired selection that proved to be for us!

We were not anticipating anything specifically art-related on this cruise, but were delightfully surprised to meet Alex Gockel almost immediately on boarding, and to discover that he had been invited to paint some special artworks to commemorate the Maiden Voyage. It became the art experience of a lifetime, expertly facilitated by Dylan and Jane, to meet privately with Alex on a number of occasions to discuss his art and, moreover, to take part personally in the creation of two exceptional works, one of which I understand will be “adopted” by Princess Cruises as the “official artwork” for the Majestic Princess’ Maiden Season as it transits to its permanent base in Shanghai. Thanks to your Executive Vice-President of Sales, Mr. Stoney Goldstein, and your National Sales Manager, Mr. Paul Bielby, whom we were also delighted to meet on the Maiden Voyage, we were also given an unmissable opportunity to acquire both of these special artworks for our collection. To complete this exceptional story, Dylan also arranged our appearance in the video of the creation of the artwork, and a meeting on the Bridge with the Captain of the Majestic Princess, who had also taken part in its painting.

Although this was not a Park West VIP Connoisseur per se, thanks to Dylan, Jane, Stoney and Paul, it was an incomparable event, the memory of which we will treasure as fondly as the artwork.

With very best wishes to you and Mitsie.

Yours Sincerely,

Neil and Cathy Meadows

Neil and Cathy Meadows

Dear Mr. and Mrs. Scaglione,

Yesterday I received buy mail a beautifully bound book produced by “Life Books” entitled “The Vietnam Wars.” Very impressive in appearance and content.

As an Army infantry officer with nearly three years of combat, nine months in Korea and two one-year tours in Vietnam, the book has special meaning to and for me.

Your kindness and thoughtfulness is gratefully appreciated. Collecting art through the services of Park West Gallery has been fun, exciting and given me considerable pleasure. Your staff is exceptionally knowledgeable and trustworthy. The framing of each painting I have purchased, now a total of eight, reflects considerable skill and artistic talent in the choice of each frame. I am quite certain that each artist would be hugely pleased and would approve your framer’s decisions and work.

I will always be an ambassador of Park West Gallery.


Victor Robertson, Jr.

Dear Mr. Shapiro,

As a client of Park West Gallery for the past several years, I have become extremely impressed with your entire staff. I have expressed such in a letter to Mr. and Mrs. Scaglione just today in which I also thanked them for a most thoughtful and for me a very meaningful book on “The Vietnam Wars” by Life Books. I suspect your thumbprint may be on the gift also. I truly appreciate such kindness.

The principle purpose of this letter is to cite an individual in your Client Services department, Mr. Jonathon K. By providence I have had him handle my occasional calls making inquiries or requests.

He is a splendid representative of Park West displaying thorough knowledge of your gallery and its operations. His calm manner and professional responses are indicative of an employee dedicated to his job, his organization, and possessing a strong commitment to excellence. I would like very much if you will, to express my sentiments to him in the manner you consider most appropriate. (Be assured this is my idea and desire only, totally unsolicited).

To you, sir, I offer my compliments as Gallery Director for your management that has established Park West Gallery as a leader in the world of fine art.

Sincerely & Respectfully,

Victor Robertson, Jr.

Col. Victor Robertson, Jr.

Dear Park West,

Thank you for inviting me and my sister to the auctions and programs in Philly March 2–5.  this was our first time and we are still talking about what a great time we had.

People at the hotel were very nice and the Park West people couldn’t have been nicer. We were impressed with all 3 artists. Linda was sweet and pleasant and enjoyed talking to anyone who had questions, and she was so patient signing her books and getting her picture taken. On my cruise you have so many artists to represent, so I’ve seen little of Linda’s work. But seeing so much of her work at one time, I really liked a large percentage of them.

We weren’t prepared to like Lebo and his art so it was an unexpected experience to meet him and like his work. Just talking to Lebo made the weekend worthwhile. I found his background stories on his art and certain themes he used so interesting and what a great speaker. I surprised myself by buying art by Lebo.

I’d just like to add that on my 10th or so cruise I have never been impressed with the Park West employees, even on the one where I purchased 2 Tarkays. He just seemed in a hurry to finish with me and go to another potential customer.

Then my sister and I were on the Carnival Pride Oct. 30, 3016 where I purchased an Agam, Peter Max and a Tarkay. Harry La Grange and his brother, Swane, and Kathlen and Stephanie were great. They were friendly and nice before I even considered buying anything, and they made buying a great experience.

Thank you again for a great weekend, great food, and interesting events and auctions.


Emma Gustafson

Emma Gustafson

Dear Mr. Scaglione,

I just wanted to thank you for the amazing time we had at the Ritz-Carlton in Philadelphia. My husband and I have been fans of all the amazing artwork that Park West Gallery offers and have bought quite a few pieces of art.

Much of that has to do with the amazing people you have working for you. They are knowledgeable, efficient, kind and patient. From our very first art dealer on the ship to this year’s team. it has been great. I want to commend Rob Ducat, David Gorman, Marisa Goldsmith, Jason Teeman, Jennifer Beljar, Anna Scarola, Hannah Nail, Oscar Alarcon and Coleman Balogh. They are wonderful!

I just wanted you to know how wonderful the team at this year’s Ritz-Carlton Park West Gallery art show was. Thank you and God bless!


Mary and Mark Urbanovich

Mary and Mark Urbanovich

Good Morning,

My Wife and I received an invitation to your VIP cruise on the NCL Escape in January of 2017.

I just wanted to take a moment to thank Park West Gallery, we bought our first art piece in 2004 on a family cruise. We continued to purchase several pieces over the years. In 2015 we were invited to a land event close to home. We had a wonderful time, when the invite came in for the cruise we were excited. Your staff was excellent. The cruise was great, we met some great people and became friends with others by the end of the cruise. Meeting four great artists was a real treat. We bought several pieces. We just received the last piece from that order.

After hanging the artwork they all look fantastic. I have noticed over the years how great a job your company does with the framing of your artwork, several early pieces we framed at a local shop do not compare in quality or looks. Again thanks so much.

Don & Laurie Hill

Don and Laurie Hill

Today I received my framed art from Park West. The artist Tim Yanke Big Thunder absolutely beautiful.



Dear Mr. and Mrs. Scaglione,


My delight cannot be contained! I must write to you — or burst! I sailed on the Norwegian Epic from 23 December to 30 December 2016. I have attended many of your auctions on 6 different cruise lines. I always loved going to the auctions, especially to learn about the artists and to view such a vast variety of art!

Through the years I had never seen a piece which I would like to own — regardless of the piece! THIS TIME WAS DIFFERENT!!

The second piece offered made me sit up and take notice! The price was a bit steep for me, almost $900.00. To my delight, no one placed a bid on it! At the end of the auction I inquired about the piece. I just simply could not resist! I purchased it on the spot. The artist is new to your gallery — which did not surprise me at all. He is Slava Ilyayev, and the work I purchased is called “A Little Stroll.” I could hardly wait for it to arrive at my home!

Well, arrive it did — and I was amazed at the care which was taken to ship it! The weight was 34 pounds — and it was packaged as though it were pure gold!! Well, to me — it is!! It brightens the entire center of my home — and I smile EVERY time I walk by it. I enclosed several pictures to give you an idea of its new home.

THANK YOU, and your organization, for giving me and my home such a lift!

Sincerely yours,

Adella B. Latus

Adella Latus

We have just returned from another wonderful cruise aboard the Celebrity Silhouette (February 12th).  Our favorite active on board is to attend the Park West auctions and as always we were not disappointed with our experience.  What made the auctions so special and so enjoyable for us was not only the artwork presented  but the Park West team that worked the auctions. This time we had the pleasure of dealing with Andries Schoeman and Andre’ Mostert.  Mr. Schoeman was outstanding in his knowledge of the pieces displayed and we even attended a wonderful lecture he gave on several of the artists you represent.  Both Mr. Schoeman and Mr. Mostert were professional, polite, and knowledgeable.  They listened to our likes and dislikes and presented us with many wonderful pieces to choose from.  As a result we purchased several pieces to add to our collection.  We thank Park West and especially Mr. Schoeman and Mr. Mostert for a memorable experience.  We look forward to our next auction and hope we will have the pleasure of working with this team once again.


David/Joni Shepperd

Stuart, Florida

David and Joni Shepperd


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