Think You Know Peter Max? Take Our Max Trivia Quiz and See!

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Peter Max has brought his colorful take on life to millions of art lovers and fans for over five decades.

Are you one of those Max fans? See how well you know this iconic artist with our new quiz. From restoring U.S. monuments to reflecting the culture of the ‘60s in his art, Max has done it all. We hope you’ll discover something new in our trivia questions—be sure to let us know how you did on Facebook or in the comments below!

1. Peter Max was born in ______ in 1937.

(Photo: Universe of Peter Max, 2013)
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Max and his family fled from the Nazis in 1938 and moved to Shanghai, China. They later moved to Tibet, Israel, and France before finally settling in New York.

2. In the U.S., Max attended the Art Students League for five years, the same school where this famous artist studied.

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Max studied painting under Frank Reilly, and eventually mastered figure drawing techniques in a variety of mediums.

3. Peter Max designed the flyer for the “Be-In” Easter event at Central Park in 1967, a massive gathering of people that was the prelude to the Summer of Love.

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According to his biography, “The Universe of Peter Max,” he printed 160,000 leaflets to help promote the event.

4. Peter Max appeared on the cover of Life magazine in what year?

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Regarding his Life cover, Max said, “In Shanghai, I saw Life covers with five-star generals, and baseball and movie stars. I could never imagine that one day it would be me.”

5. Max has always painted in a colorful, abstract style.

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Max painted in a realist style until 1959, and began taking a different approach because he felt photorealism limited his imagination.

6. After being invited to paint at the White House by President Ronald Reagan in 1981, Max helped spearhead the restoration of what famous U.S. monument?

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Max worked with Lee Iacocca of Chrysler to initiate a project that saved the deteriorating Statue of Liberty. The statue reopened to the public in 1986.

7. Max has created the official artwork for which famous event?

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In addition to these events, Max has created art for the 1999 Woodstock Festival, the U.S. Olympic Team for the 2006 Winter Olympics, and the 1996 NHL all-star game.

8. Max helped popularize this physical and spiritual practice in the United States though his friendship with Swami Satchidananda.

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Max met the yogi in 1966 and was inspired by his teachings. Max had him visit New York, and with the help of his friends, rented an apartment for Satchidananda that became the first Integral Yoga Institute.

9. Which of these motifs in Max’s art was inspired by observing monks in Tibet?

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According to “The Universe of Peter Max,” the monks Max encountered “played an important part” in both his spiritual and artistic development.

10. The artwork on the hull of the __________ was painted by Peter Max in 2013.

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The art covers 40,000 square feet of the ship’s hull and features Max’s Statue of Liberty, a Manhattan skyline, and cosmic imagery like a sunburst, planets, and stars.

Think You Know Peter Max? Take Our Max Trivia Quiz and See!
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Through his recognizable motifs, saturated colors, and themes of spirituality and patriotism, Max has kept Pop art alive and well for half a century.

Park West Gallery has worked with Max since the early ‘70s, making us the largest and longest-running dealer of Max’s art. As such, we offer a wide variety of Max’s artwork, from unique paintings and sculptures to his etchings and serigraphs.



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  • Jane McKnight

    thank you for this study of Peter Max< We have a 4 painting collection and could always USE more,

  • Charles KELTCH

    I have a small collection of Peter Max art. Four of the art works are Disney character. Snow White, Goofy, Donald Duck and Mickey Mouse. I would like to know more about Max’s work with Disney.

  • Eric Norman Mattson

    Love Peter Max, We own some of his work, Highly recommend reading his book, (The Universe of Peter Max)

  • Keith Holland

    I can not wait to see my commissioned piece from him for my wife and I’s anniversary

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