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William Lee


William Lee has had a passion for photography since he was a teenager. His first introduction to the subject was through an article he found within his school, detailing the construction of a do-it-yourself pinhole camera. Interested in film theory, Lee wanted to learn more. With the limited budget of a teenager, Lee could not afford a 135mm Kodak point and shoot camera so he made his first camera by hand.

Since then, William’s love for photography has only blossomed further. He lives in the northwest United States, producing fine art, landscape, macro, and wildlife photos. His equipment has been upgraded (sporting the latest DSLR digital equipment) but his passion remains the same. His work has been featured in National Geographic, outdoor photographer magazines, the Oregonian newspaper, and many online publications.

As of April 2012, Lee had won more than 390 awards in various international and domestic competitions.

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