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Sonia del Signore

Sonia del Signore


Sonia del Signore was born in Annecy, France in 1965, the daughter of renowned artist Littorio del Signore. She lived in Italy until the age of 13, when her family relocated to Montreal, Quebec. As a young girl she spent a great deal of time in her father’s studio, learning his techniques and working in many different media.


Del Signore studied fine art and fashion design at LaSalle College in Quebec. After graduation she spent thirteen years in the fashion design industry, though she maintained a love and appreciation of fine arts. In 1999, Sonia left the world of fashion to pursue a career as an artist full-time – her most passionate ambition.

Her bold works are filled with bright, exotic colors, and blend a figurative representation with abstract elements. She finds inspiration in the Fauvist works of the early 20th century. Del Signore has said that her work “celebrates love, beauty, and music, and through that, it celebrates life.”

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