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Sharie Hatchett Bohlmann

Sharie Hatchett Bohlmann


Sharie is a veteran of the collectible art world, creating scenes reminiscent of her world travels. She purposely refrains from putting people into her works so that her viewer is invited to become part of the scene and engage in the magic of the moment. By using such elements as plantation shutters or architectural columns in the foreground, the viewer is invited to step through them, into the painting, and enjoy the romantic scene in person.

Sharie also creates works of art in an entirely different and colorful, naïve style and signs these images with the “nom de plume,” “Roxy.” Her works have been produced and distributed worldwide as original art, lithographs, serigraphs, hand-embellished giclée, puzzles, menus, book covers, calendars, wine labels, note cards, computer mouse pads, mugs, ceramic tiles, and a line of designer clothing.

Bohlmann’s admirers include the families of Bob Hope, Frank Sinatra, Diana Ross, Julio Iglesias, Donald Trump, Larry King, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Quincy Jones and thousands of others. Other celebrated collectors include President Reagan and his family, who commissioned Bohlmann to paint “Easter at the White House” for the permanent White House collection. President Bill Clinton and his family requested Sharie to paint “Holidays at the White House” for the Clinton’s Christmas card with art renderings of both presidential works donated to the Smithsonian Institution. Sharie’s works have graced the walls of the White House, since President Lyndon and Ladybird Johnson’s residency, and she has been collected by every presidential family since that first honor.

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