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Inspired by the pop art of Warhol and Haring, Miguel Paredes is an Urban Realist who deftly merges the cutting-edge art techniques of street art, pop art, and Japanese animation to create something entirely fresh and new in the art world.

Personal History

Born in the Big Apple in the mid-60s and growing up on New York City’s Upper West Side, Paredes early artistic endeavors began to bloom just as the street culture all over the city started to explode. It’s those pop art movements of Warhol and Haring that first plunged him into the world of graffiti and it’s there where he would adopt the mystical moniker, “Mist”. Miguel Paredes’ talent was on show as a young boy and his ability at that age earned him an invitation to the prestigious Fiorello La Guardia High School of Music and Art, the same school that became famous from the movie, Fame. He was destined for success and today, collectors around the world are clamoring for his iconic and innovative anime-inspired art stemming from the underground pop art movement.


Regarding Andy Warhol, it was Ronnie Cutrone, the famous artist’s immediate assistant at the Factory, who would become influential in Paredes’ life and act as his mentor. Paredes saw Cutrone’s vibrant, fluorescent colors dominating lively artwork as the essence of pop art and still today collectors, can see the bright, beautiful impact in the bold, exciting art of Miguel Paredes.

After NYC, the artist headed south to Miami Beach, began to focus on mixed media and conceptual art, sold out one of his first shows, became one of the most prosperous artists in South Florida, and eventually opened his own gallery in the famed Wynwood Arts District where his massive mural “Pulgha World” sits at its heart.

Giving back to the community has always been at the core of who Miguel Paredes is as an artist. In 2011, he was joined by the mayor to unveil two charitable art projects raising money for local schools. And Paredes has been awarded proclamations from the City of Miami Beach honoring his support of historic preservation and the positive impact he has made on the community.

Today, Miguel Paredes has become well known for his Japanese-style digital anime series Pulgha® & Birds. This collection is nothing short of a sensation. It sees Pulgha®, a magical flea, and her friends, the spirited Birds Yori & Kosue, join forces for good. Paredes also creates custom artwork for Disney Underground that celebrates a new generation of visual artists rising from the urban underground pop art movement, and he is far from finished when it comes to breaking new ground. Miguel Paredes continues to make his mark by expanding his inspirational environment while simultaneously showcasing his works at local, national, and international shows, including Artist-In-Residence at the iconic National Hotel during Art Basel Miami Beach, 2010, the KIAF International Art Fair 2011, a solo show at Galleria Bellarte in Seoul, Korea, and Miguel Paredes was named the official artist of the 12th Annual Latin GRAMMY® Awards.

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