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Michael Judge

Michael Judge


Acclaimed artist and photographer Michael Judge considers himself a native of Washington, D.C., but has lived all over the world, including Spain, Poland, Montana, and California, finally settling in Arizona. His images are worldwide and located in some of the world’s most prestigious museums, galleries, and private collections.

“Captured Horizons,” the artist’s published memoir, constantly breeches the subject of reinvention. The struggle of his internal journey is revealed as he identifies himself as a complex man, unafraid of change. A vast majority of Michael’s portfolio is featured within the book, intending to figuratively expand the horizon of his audience with the range and diversity of his subjects.

The artist says, “I cannot hide behind my art as it demands of me an absolute commitment to integrity. My hands are controlled by passion of purpose and that directive being- to chronicle for other observers, my self-awareness, insight and vision.”

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