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M. P. Gerald


With stunning accuracy and vibrant colors, M. P. Gerald captures the finest details in his photorealistic art.

Personal History

Born in Ancash, Peru, Gerald grew up surrounded by creativity. His father was a painter while his mother was a well-known ceramicist. Gerald attended the Escuela Nacional de Bellas Artes de Lima, learning from such masters as Milner Cajahuaringa and Miguel Angel Cuadros. Upon graduating in 1988, Gerald received the second place prize.

Gerald has used his talents to transform the life and world around him into colorful and expressive works on canvas. His subjects range from luscious flowers ready to be plucked to urban scenes and pop icons.

Style and Influences

In his highly-detailed floral art, everything from the dew drops to the texture of the petals is exquisitely captured. Gerald’s figurative works maintain a level of realism but also invokes elements of Impressionism to bring the energetic scenes to life, as if the music was radiating from the expressive works.


  • Gerald’s art is collected around the world and has been featured in multiple exhibitions, two of which were solo shows.
  • He has been exhibited at the Galeria 2VS, Galeria Alianza Francesa and Museo Perdo de Osma.
  • In 1989, he earned first prize “Arte Joven” by Galeria 2VS. In the same year, he won third place in a national contest organized by Hotel Crillon.

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