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Lucelle Raad

Lucelle Raad


Lucelle Raad was born and educated in Great Britain. In her early twenties, she moved to South Africa where she studied painting under commercial artist, Dorothy Shaw. Once she was married with children, she and her family moved to the United States, settling in Long Island then Sarasota, Florida.

Her work is focused on her family and their experiences. It draws the viewer to appreciate the beauty in the small details of daily existence – a simple kind of lifestyle. Her primary subjects are children, especially how they play and communicate with each other. Her imagery allows the viewer a peek into the lives of children at their most subtle and enriching moments. Raad’s children are in a constant state of discovery, finding excitement at the beach, the park, and the baseball field. They play with dogs and seagulls, celebrating pensive moments of wonderment and joy. She enjoys painting children the most because their gestures are more innocently expressed – open and honest.

She utilizes a highly developed sense of composition, often incorporating unusual shapes, formats and sizes in her work. Her colors are vibrant, harmonious, and atmospheric with an impressionistic character. Working with Park West, Lucelle has discovered the medium of serigraphy, publishing a large series of limited-edition prints. She has won prizes throughout the U.S. for her work and is now exhibited regularly in Europe as well.

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