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Janelle Marie Kelley

Janelle Marie Kelley is a self-taught visual artist from Florida specializing in 3D mixed media. She uses acrylic and resin as her primary mediums to create jaw-dropping multidimensional works of art.

Personal History

Born and raised in Florida, Kelley is a self-taught artist. What began as a hobby in September of 2021 has leaped off the easel into a career. Janelle Marie Kelley is now a full-time artist with a keen eye and a unique perspective. She is creating eye-popping works of art daily out of her St. Petersburg, Florida studio, as the demand for her art soars. Kelley’s art is now coveted by collectors around the world.


In her bold and unflinching works of art, Kelley leverages the fame and familiarity of a wide array of celebrities such as Bettie Page, Biggie Smalls, and Britney Spears, along with fictional characters from TV and film, and evocative animals like elephants and flamingos. Her mixed media artwork may include elements such as ink, resin, porcelain, glass, metal, paint, and found objects like bullets. Her work manifests itself in vivid colors, outlandish statements, and unquestionable depth to contrast the people and creatures we think we know well.

Over the past few years, Kelley has become best known for her imaginative combination of photo realism and fluid art, as well as exotic sea life artwork. Her signature style is integrating digitally manipulated images and then merging them with tangible objects to make something brand new that seems to leap off the canvas.

Janelle’s perspective on art is multidimensional and is capable of transplanting the viewer into a space of wonder and beauty. Her 3D mixed media works of art offer an escape in an otherwise strange and unpredictable universe.

Kelley’s art can be found in Tampa, St. Petersburg, Miami, Key West and throughout the state of Florida. She holds three licenses with the DBPR and, in addition to being an acclaimed artist on the rise, has been a stylist, makeup artist, and barber for over a decade.

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