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Ingrid Alvarez

Ingrid Alvarez


Born in Lima, Peru, in 1969, Ingrid Alvarez is a remarkable contemporary artist with very serious aspirations to become one of the best in South America. Since very little, Ingrid showed a clear predisposition for drawing. Her notebooks were full of small drawings that got her in trouble more than once. A very good teacher of hers, understanding Ingrid’s strong character, helped her channel her energy, having her participate in drawing competitions.

Soon Ingrid realized her vocation for the Arts and wanted to study painting at the best art school in Peru, the Escuela Nacional de Bellas Artes. Ingrid studied for more than six years at the Art School, graduating with the highest honors. Such display of dedication became very interesting for several art dealers in Peru that have been supporting her development.

She has exhibited in the most prestigious Salons, despite her short career, including the Alianza Francesa, the American-Peruvian Cultural Institute, Museo de la Nacion, the American Embassy, the Russian-Peruvian Cultural Institute and Lima’s City Hall.

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