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Felix Mas

Felix Mas


Artist Felix Mas is best known for his “sensual elegance” as he captures idealized visions of femininity in his oil paintings and graphic works. Calling himself a traditionalist, his women are luminous and fresh, finding inspiration in Asian culture. Felix’s work appears to be deeply influenced by Japanese woodblock prints, the fashions of India, and the historical grace of Egypt, Rome, and Greece.


Mas was born in 1934 in Barcelona, Spain. His interest in art developed as a child and he honed his skills as he matured into adulthood. He attended the San Jorge Academy of Fine Arts in Barcelona. His first solo exhibition was held at the Galeria Jaimes in Barcelona and others soon followed throughout Europe.

His works rely on bold colors used in concert with provocative body language. The gaze of his subject is often diverted, allowing the viewer to apprehend his paintings without engagement. Each woman in his paintings is dressed in rich fabrics that are elegantly draped, achieved through the pigments that he creates himself.

Mas and his family moved to Caracas, Venezuela in 1974, where they lived until 1979, exhibiting his work throughout the country and into the United States. Since then, Mas has divided his time between Barcelona and the United States.

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