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Fabio Hurtado

Fabio Hurtado


Born in Madrid in 1960, Hurtado has become one of Spain’s leading modern painters. Collected by patrons all over the world, Hurtado’s works have been recognized by the Spanish government, featuring six of his paintings in an edition of postage stamps.

Keeping an element of mystery in his paintings, he tries to identify with each of his viewers, allowing them to relate their own stories and memories to each of his works. By constructing cinematic stills, the narrative of each work is left open for interpretation, solely providing a backdrop for the viewer’s own life. This feeling is especially heightened when Hurtado paints women peering into binoculars or looking into the distance, the viewer unable to see what they see.

Hurtado’s works have been shown at a number of galleries and museums around the world including Albert Gallery in Madrid, Albemarle Gallery in London, and Accademia d’Arts Moderna in Rome. He has received a number of awards and honors for his work.

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