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Arkady Ostritsky

Arkady Ostritsky


Arkady was born in 1948 in Kishinev, Moldova. He was recognized very early as gifted in drawing and painting and, by the age of 20, was accepted into Moldova’s most distinguished art school – the Rapin Art Academy. He graduated with distinction, earned many awards, and became one of his country’s most important painters. He was chosen to paint numerous monumental works in public institutions and created many large frescos. He also became a distinguished art teacher and many young artists came under his tutelage.

When the gates of the USSR opened, he traveled extensively throughout Europe, falling in love with the buildings and architecture – particularly those in France. This love affair continues today, even after his immigration to Israel. His subjects include the streets, buildings, and shops of France, Italy, England, Greece, and Spain. His work creates poignant vignettes, establishing a unique and special relationship between him and these magical places.

As with many Israeli landscape painters, his use of Mediterranean light is a powerful unifying force in his work. He has had numerous one-person and group exhibitions in galleries and museums throughout Europe, in addition to several exhibitions in the U.S. and most recently in Japan.

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