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With nearly half a million likes on TikTok and a penchant for creating compelling paintings full of vibrancy, emotion, and color, contemporary artist Anna August has become a sensation inside and out of the art world.


Hailing from Jamaica, August is an exciting young artist who deftly infuses the colorful, vibrant heart of her island homeland into her stunning works of art. August credits the natural wonders and beauty of Jamaica for providing the initial spark of imagination in her youth. The lively people, the rhythms of daily life, the lush greenery, and miles of sandy beaches are at the heart of everything she would go on to do with a brush and a canvas. It’s here where Anna August begins to see, understand, and appreciate the delicate but marvelous harmony between everyday life and the immense power of nature. The way she weaves all of this into her art is turning heads around the world. 

The daughter of a skilled carpenter, August’s journey into the art world was inspired not only by her father’s creativity but more crucially, by his craftsmanship and fine attention to the minute details that many people will never notice. She learned that a true artist must always be meticulous by watching her dad transform wood into fabulous works of art. August began to see the limitless potential and the transformative power of raw materials and would go on to use these lessons in her early artwork to convey the burst of colors in the landscapes of Jamaica and the bustling, frenetic energy of big city life.

With her father’s influence and her own passion and creativity, Anna August has already experimented with a wide array of styles and a variety of artistic mediums. This is a young talent who demonstrates a desire and an ability to push the boundaries and defy expectations of the art world.

August has been featured at Spectrum Miami for Art Basel 2023, and she continues to be dedicated to giving back to the communities that incubated her artistic career years ago. Her workshops and community projects in Jamaica are helping enrich the lives of locals while also nurturing new talent who may someday be as impactful as Anna August herself.

Joyful childhood memories, a keen eye for culture, the infectious cadence of reggae music, and raw human emotion, combined with the lessons learned from her father, permeate her art that has collectors buzzing. From evocative female portraits to eye-catching abstract works, Anna August’s art possesses a familiar sense of warmth, a rich texture, and a depth of soul that belies her youthful age.

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