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Alexander and Wissotzky

Alexander and Wissotzky


Tanya Wissotzky and Alexander Galtchansky were born in the same year, 1959, in Crimea, the autonomous republic within the Ukraine. Their careers began in art school. Alexander studied in Dnepropetrovsk and Wissotzky in Simferopol. They continued their studies at the Kiev institute of the Arts – Wissotzky as a painter and Alexander as a book illustrator.

After getting married, they immigrated to Israel. Having found themselves in a drastically different situation and place, they united their creative activities and began working together. They work in acrylic, pen and ink, and collage on specially prepared canvas. In their still lifes, one can see the excerpts of calligraphy from old English flower painting manuals as well as other calligraphic quotations that celebrate Paris in the 1920s. Their artwork has a nostalgic and romantic quality, harkening back to a time past.

The work of Alexander and Wissotzky has received critical acclaim and success in both Israel and abroad and can be found in public and private collections all over the world. They have had exhibitions at the Art Expo, New York, BLD New York, Galaxy Gallery in Gotenburg, Sweden, Geissing Design Institution in Hamburg, Germany, and even a permanent exhibition at the Binyanei Hauma in Jerusalem. A book on their life and work has also been published.

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